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  1. sober fun
    Andy Cohen Called Anderson Cooper a Widdle Nepo Baby on New Year’s EveNo alcohol needed.
  2. 2022 is over party
    What to Watch on New Year’s Eve and Where to Watch ItSee you at Miley’s!
  3. last night on late night
    Frank Sinatra Wrote Telegrams Exactly How You Think He Would“Ring-a-ding-ding!”
  4. new year’s eve 2021
    All the Specials to Watch for Another New Year’s Eve at HomeFrom New Year’s Rockin’ Eve to Miley Cyrus to Phish.
  5. the killers feat. gayle king
    The Definitive Version of the Killers’ ‘Mr. Brightside’ Is HereCourtesy of Gayle King.
  6. nye 2021
    Mariah Beams In From Winter Wonderland to Remind You She Also Wrote That HitWhile chatting with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen on CNN’s NYE.
  7. poo house
    Anderson Cooper Wants to Start a Hype House for BabiesWyatt Cooper and Ben Cohen are media’s most powerful babies.
  8. election 2020
    Anderson Cooper ‘Regrets’ Comparing Trump to an Obese Turtle“That’s not the person I really want to be.”
  9. election 2020
    Anderson Cooper Has Snapped and He’s Taking the Good Name of Turtles With HimWhoa, whoa, whoa, let’s not bring our good friends, the chelonians, into this.
  10. new dad alert!
    Anderson Cooper Announces Birth of Son, Transitions From Zaddy to DaddyWelcome to the world, Wyatt Morgan Cooper!
  11. comeback
    Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen and Lindsay Lohan Video Conferenced Live on CNNLive from Oman!
  12. debates
    Here’s How to Watch the Fourth Democratic Primary DebateYou don’t have to attend Otterbein University to stay democratically informed.
  13. last night on late night
    Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Face Off Against Desus and MeroWho knows their co-host better?
  14. new year’s eve 2018
    Ring in 2019 to the Sound of Anderson Cooper Taking Shots on CNN’s NYE“It’s like burning your lungs!”
  15. 2019
    Your Guide to the Star-studded New Year’s Eve TV SpecialsLet the ball-dropping begin.
  16. friendship
    Anthony Bourdain Loved Mocking His Buddy Anderson Cooper About His Food Choices“He would just look at me like I was a creature from another planet.”
  17. friendships
    Anderson Cooper Tears Up On-Air About Anthony Bourdain: ‘He Gave Me Hope’The duo were also colleagues at CNN for many years.
  18. politics
    Kim Kardashian West Denies Being Used as Trump’s Pawn After Alice Johnson Pardon“I think Kanye’s already given him legitimacy,” she said, in response to accusations that the President had worked with her to benefit his own image.
  19. the art of the shade
    Nicole Kidman Doesn’t Have Time for Your Clapping-Meme Questions, Andy Cohen“I wish that there was more important things to be concerned about.”
  20. last night on late night
    This One Thing Caused Anderson Cooper to Reject Andy Cohen on a Date“Ugh, okay, this is not happening.”
  21. drawing a blank
    Andy Cohen, Who Definitely Knows Who Kathy Griffin Is, Pretends Not ToCohen will replace Griffin on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show.
  22. new year’s eve
    Andy Cohen to Replace Kathy Griffin in Anderson Cooper’s New Year’s Eve ShowCNN cut ties with Griffin over her Trump beheading photo shoot.
  23. kathy griffin
    CNN Cuts Ties With Kathy Griffin Over Her Trump Beheading PhotoBoth CNN and Anderson Cooper have denounced the photo shoot.
  24. last night on late night
    Anderson Cooper Muted Trump on Twitter: ‘I Just Don’t Want to Have That Drama’But, of course, people tell him what Trump tweets.
  25. failed romance
    The Reason Anderson Cooper Rejected Andy CohenSigh, what could’ve been.
  26. Anderson Cooper Skipped Olympics While in BrazilBut had a good time making sure his nieces and nephews didn’t watch Brazilian porn — er, Greco-Roman wrestling. 
  27. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Harasses Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, and […]Pretty much every late night show is covering the Republican convention this week, but if you’re looking for a more unique take than the […]
  28. replacements
    Mario Lopez, Anderson Cooper Coy About Live Gig How about they both co-host? They have to share a chair though.
  29. prince
    See Stevie Wonder’s Full Interview About PrinceFrom Anderson Cooper 360.
  30. batman v superman dawn of justice
    Journalists Should Not Play Themselves in Superhero MoviesCongratulations, you played yourself.
  31. Anderson Cooper Joins Billy Eichner in the New ‘Billy on the Street’ PromoBilly Eichner is back with an all new season of Billy on the Street next month, and truTV released a brand new promo today featuring a sneak […]
  32. spanking
    Watch Madonna Spank Anderson Cooper Real GoodShe also humped the Silver Fox and gave him a banana.
  33. ‘SNL’ Review: Ben Affleck and the End of an EraWhat a weepy week it was for comedy nerds. NBC packed a double-whammy of goodbyes, with The Office’s poignant series finale last Thursday, […]
  34. awards
    Anderson Cooper, Smash Win at GLAAD AwardsAs does The Amazing Race.
  35. last night on late night
    Anderson Cooper Addressed His Giggle AttacksPlus: Tracy Morgan was off-his-rockers hysterical, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  36. Aziz Ansari Sends In His Lookalike to Talk to Anderson Cooper Aziz Ansari is a busy guy. He doesn’t have time to do everything he’d like to do, so he’s devised a new system to help him be in two places at […]
  37. non beefs
    M.I.A. Tried to Pick a Fight With Anderson CooperBut Anderson wins the day.
  38. adele
    Watch Anderson Cooper’s 60 Minutes Interview With Adele in FullLast night’s Grammy Queen was your favorite even before she won.
  39. adele
    Watch Adele Sing ‘Rolling in the Deep’ for Anderson Cooper, Post-SurgeryWhat surgery? Who said anything about surgery?
  40. the real housewives of beverly hills
    Watch Anderson Cooper Get Giddy About The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsAnderson Cooper loves The Real Housewives. No, like, he really loves The Real Housewives.
  41. last night on late night
    Jon Hamm Was Conan’s Secret Santa Present for a StafferPlus: Jay Leno called Jonah Hill out on his bluff — for better or worse, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  42. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Melissa McCarthy WarnsPlus: Anderson Cooper dons a light-up helmet in a game of “Brainstorm,” and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  43. clickables
    Watch Anderson Cooper, Dressed As Phil Donahue, Meet Phil DonahueThis would be more fun if Donahue looked Anderson in the eye, at least once.
  44. clickables
    See Anderson Cooper Impersonate Courtney StoddenAnd a nation asks itself: Is she okay?
  45. Watch Anderson Cooper Get a Shirtless Spray Tan With SnookiHe goes from milky-white to vaguely orange-tinted.
  46. anderson cooper
    Anderson Will Premiere With an Interview of Amy Winehouse’s FamilyHer parents, brother, and boyfriend are all expected to appear on Anderson Cooper’s new show.
  47. Anderson Cooper Loses His Giggly Shit Over Gerard Depardieu Pee Story Anderson Cooper’s giggle fit over Gerard Depardieu’s whole “peeing on an airplane” thing is the reason you’ll be watching this video. When he […]
  48. Anderson Cooper and Stephen Colbert Feud Over the RidicuList and […] Stephen Colbert called out Anderson Cooper for ripping off his big board with CNN’s RidicuList a couple weeks ago, and the silver fox finally […]
  49. manderson
    Anderson Has an Executive Producer NowHe’ll share production credits with Cooper.
  50. Nir Rosen and the Value of the Comedy KillerIf the internet has a down side for anyone, it’s that it makes it much harder for casual sexists and racists to tell jokes among friends. (And […]
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