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  1. coming soon
    The Original High School Musical Cast Is (Almost) All in This Together“This” being season four of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.
  2. coming soon
    Martin Short and Shania Twain Join ABC’s Live(ish)-Action Beauty and the BeastJosh Groban, David Alan Grier, and Joshua Henry also star.
  3. buffering
    When Broadcast Shows Move to Streaming, Do Viewers Follow?If the show is Thursday Night Football, the answer is yes.
  4. overnights
    Andor Series-Premiere Recap: A Prequel for Prequel-HatersWe know how Cassian Andor’s story ends. It begins in a brothel on Morlana One.
  5. tv review
    Andor Is the Cure for Star Wars EnnuiThe franchise hasn’t felt this challenging, invigorating, or dangerous in quite some time.
  6. commitment issues
    The Original Andor Would Have Taken 15 Years to MakeHow long do we think Diego Luna could have gotten away with playing a young man?
  7. the snuggly duckling
    The Internet Knows Best: They Want Keke Palmer As RapunzelBRB, making a reservation at the Snuggly Duckling.
  8. d23 2022
    All the 2022 D23 Announcements, for Your PleasureFrom The Little Mermaid to The Marvels to Pixar’s Wish.
  9. mcu
    Unorthodox’s Shira Haas Cast as Sabra in Captain America: New World OrderThe film will feature Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson as the new Cap.
  10. consolidation prizes
    Disney’s CEO Wants a ‘Hard’ Bundle With HuluAnd might buy the service to get it.
  11. grand larson-y
    If You See Brie Larson, Tell Her She’s a Good Captain MarvelShe needs a little bit of validation right now.
  12. coming soon
    Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Stars 999 Happy Faces (For Now)Will known Method actor Jared Leto behead himself to play the Hatbox Ghost?
  13. trailer mix
    National Treasure Series Trailer Missing the Most Important Treasure of All(Nicolas Cage)
  14. trailer mix
    Lightning Strikes in New Disney+ Percy Jackson TeaserUnveiled at D23.
  15. trailer mix
    Grogu Sits in the Driver’s Seat in The Mandalorian Season 3Baby’s first driving lesson.
  16. coming soon
    The New Little Mermaid Teaser Dropped, Isn’t It Neat?Halle Bailey stars as the red-headed mermaid.
  17. utter disgust!
    Inside Out 2 Is Happening, But Only Amy Poehler’s Feeling the JoyFor the voice cast and their salaries, the sequel is … Poehler-izing.
  18. force sense
    Everything We Know About Ahsoka, Star Wars’ Upcoming Live-Action SeriesEman Esfandi will be playing Ezra Bridger in the character’s live-action debut.
  19. my concert film is dropping
    BTS Celebrates Disney+ Day With New Concert FilmBTS Permission to Dance on Stage — LA is one of many Disney x Hybe collabs on the way.
  20. dancing with the reality stars
    The Dancing With the Stars Producers Have Been Catching Up on Their Reality TVShangela, Teresa, Jordin, Vinny, Gabby, Charli, and Heidi, oh my!
  21. rumor has it
    Dancing With the Stars Reportedly Taps More Influencers, BachelorsCharli and Heidi D’Amelio are the first two dancers of season 31.
  22. 100 days of avatar
    Don’t Stay Blue, Avatar Will Be Back on Streaming SoonIts break from Disney+ is strictly temporary.
  23. now streaming
    New on Disney+: September 2022Andor, Hocus Pocus 2, Pinocchio, and more.
  24. big returns
    Ben Kingsley to Return As Trevor Slattery in Wonder ManWith Shang-Chi director Destin Daniel Cretton.
  25. mcu phase 6
    Matt Shakman, WandaVision Director, in Talks to Helm Marvel’s Fantastic FourFourth time’s the charm!
  26. last night on late night
    Jameela Jamil Wanted She-Hulk to Punch Her in the ‘Vajeen’For feminism, obviously.
  27. everybody loves puppets!
    Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee, More Disney+ IPNo strings attached, except for a subscription fee.
  28. the people’s hulk
    She-Hulk Confirms Steve Rogers Uses America’s Ass for GoodInvestigative reporting at its finest, and we do mean finest.
  29. buffering
    Why Disney+ and Hulu Just Got a Lot More ExpensiveLess bang for more bucks.
  30. beyoncé’s child
    Halle Bailey Is Taking ‘Part of Your World (Reprise)’ Up an OctaveThe titular Little Mermaid is also getting some new songs from Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  31. the wonder years
    Fred Savage Accused of ‘Erratic’ Misconduct by the Wonder Years CrewSeveral women open up about their experiences with the ousted director-producer.
  32. where’s the beef?
    The She-Hulk Team Responds to Calls for a Bigger, Beefier Jen Walters“I think that has to do with our culture’s belief in its ownership of women’s bodies.”
  33. trailer mix
    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Trailer: (Green) Girls Just Wanna Have FunNow smashing onto Disney+ on August 18, f.k.a. August 17.
  34. olivia rodrigo
    What’s Olivia Rodrigo Up To on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series?This week, she sings!
  35. trailer mix
    Andor Trailer: The Star Wars Resistance Goes RogueDiego Luna is back as Cassian Andor in a new Disney+ prequel series.
  36. backstories
    Ms. Marvel Was a Personal Journey Onscreen and OffThe show’s writers and directors break down how their own experiences informed Kamala Khan’s globetrotting family saga.
  37. jews and christmas watch
    David Krumholtz Will Reprise His Role as Bernard the Elf in The Santa ClausesA big deal for the ‘Hard for Bernard’ community.
  38. political drama
    Disney Says It’s Cool With Political Ads on Hulu After AllBut don’t expect any on Disney+ later this year.
  39. coming soon
    Disney+’s Percy Jackson Series Expected to Air in Early 2024According to Rick Riordan’s “personal best guess.”
  40. mcu
    Marvel Knows What You’ll Be Watching Through 2025From Charlie Cox in She-Hulk, to Charlie Cox in Echo, to Charlie Cox in Daredevil: Born Again.
  41. mc(ox)u
    Marvel Keeps Charlie Cox Booked and Busy With Spider-Man: Freshman YearPlus Magneto gets a long mane of gray hair and a new pink-and-blue uniform in X-Men ’97.
  42. rated why
    Deadpool and Logan Will Be the First R-Rated Films in Disney+’s LibraryStarting July 22.
  43. coming soon
    Dean Fleischer Camp Will Helm the Live-Action Lilo & StitchFrom Marcel the Shell to Stitch the … whatever he is.
  44. partner dancing
    Alfonso Ribeiro Shimmies His Way to Dancing With the Stars Co-host GigAfter winning the Mirrorball Trophy in season 19.
  45. vulture jr.
    Mum! Dad! Bingo! and Bluey Are Coming to Disney+Australia’s greatest export will release its new season in two parts.
  46. disney princes
    BTS to Officially Become Disney Stars After Hybe DealThe House of Mouse will stream a docuseries and concert film for the group.
  47. buffering
    Bad Design, Good Comedies, and Severance: Our TV Critics Rate the Streamers“The homepage is so busy, the search function is awful, and I am not particularly compelled by much of its original programming.”
  48. buffering
    How HBO Max Displaced Netflix in Our Streamer Power RankingsEight takeaways on the year in streaming.
  49. buffering
    14 Hollywood Insiders Reveal Who’s Really Winning the Streaming WarsExecs, agents, producers, and publicists get candid about TV’s new world order.
  50. the streaming wars
    The Hottest Streamer (Right Now)The top three spots get a shake-up in our annual power ranking.
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