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  1. shoplifting
    Euphoria Star Chloe Cherry Is Facing a Retail Theft ChargeShe has been accused of stealing a $28 blouse at a store in her hometown.
  2. into it
    Sydney Sweeney Is Getting Peak-TV Exposure, but the Hustle ContinuesThe Euphoria star is part of a generation of actors navigating a Hollywood economy increasingly stacked against them.
  3. a twenty-four
    The Age of A24 TV Is Upon UsThe studio behind Euphoria and Ramy is bringing its signature cool to nearly every major streaming service in the next year.
  4. exits
    Barbie Ferreira Says She’s Graduating From Euphoria HighBye, Kat!
  5. vulture finance
    Sam Levinson Should Pay Sydney Sweeney’s MortgageShe has a family of multiple cars to feed!
  6. emmys 2022
    Celebrities Are Just Honored to Be Emmy-NominatedWho here had the best morning?
  7. life imitates art
    Dominic Fike Loves Hunter Schafer, Shopping at PradaHe went to the store eight times in four days to see her ads.
  8. do-overs
    Sam Levinson Says He Doesn’t ‘Go Back and Rewrite’ DraftsOkay, so that would explain …
  9. oscars 2022
    Nate Jacobs Is Going to the OscarsAnd we’ve never been happier.
  10. last night on late night
    Does Brian Cox Look Like He’s in Oklahoma!?Performing Sydney Sweeney’s Emmy-deserving breakdown on Kimmel.
  11. put you on repeat
    Zendaya Is Glad You Like Her ‘Little Tiny Toe Dip’ Back Into MusicBut as she’s said before, she had her reasons for stepping away.
  12. the industry
    HBO and SAG-AFTRA Respond to Euphoria Set ReportsThe network says there were no formal complaints about reportedly “hellish” working conditions.
  13. chat room
    Euphoria’s Javon Walton Says Fez Was Supposed to Die“It was on the spot, the writing, like a day before.”
  14. chat room
    Euphoria’s Angus Cloud Recommends a Good Cry“I’ll be having other stuff I want to cry about that I ain’t cried about yet, and then I watch a sad-ass kids’ movie, like Coco or some shit.”
  15. lingering questions
    All the Things We’re Still Waiting for Euphoria to AddressAn unevenly paced season full of dangerous and dramatic moments ended by letting several subplots disappear into the ether.
  16. let’s talk about it
    In the Euphoria Finale, Real Life and Our Life CollideLexi’s play is key to everything.
  17. tomdaya
    Was Tom Holland Actually in Euphoria Season Two?Fans were hoping for a cameo during Lexi’s play.
  18. teen angst
    14 Shows and Movies With Euphoria VibesSeason two is over; now what will we all talk about?
  19. spoilers
    We Need to Talk About FezcoAnd the Euphoria cliffhanger involving our softest neighborhood drug dealer.
  20. dream cast
    Euphoria’s Javon Walton Wants to Be Robin to Robert Pattinson’s BatmanTime to play a child soldier on the other side of the war on drugs.
  21. overnights
    Euphoria Season-Finale Recap: ReconciliationA muted finale gives Rue and Lexi an emotionally tidy ending, but leaves everything else dangling for season three to pick back up.
  22. timelines
    A Timeline of Euphoria Obsession and Sam Levinson HatredThink of it like Dickens’ periodicals …
  23. parental guidance
    A Euphoria Parent Report CardIf we were grading strictly on vibes, Suze would be valedictorian.
  24. chat room
    Euphoria’s Alanna Ubach Modeled Suze After Her Best Friend’s Mom“She was the one you went to when you got pregnant. She was the one you went to when you were kicked out of school.”
  25. youth
    Just How Old Are All the Teens in Euphoria?Soak in their youth!
  26. is this fucking play about us
    Euphoria ‘Threw Out the Rules’ to Stage Lexi’s PlayThe HBO series employed Kodak film, remixed memorable season-one makeup looks, and built a 290-seat auditorium to achieve Lexi’s exacting vision.
  27. last night on late night
    Dominic Fike Says Elliot’s ‘Absolutely’ Back for Euphoria Season 3But is he Nate’s long-lost brother?
  28. my stories are on
    Want to Binge Euphoria Without Getting Depressed? Watch It Like a Soap Opera.Soap operas are all about heightened feelings, impulsive decision-making, and vibes, and that’s exactly what Euphoria is doing.
  29. close read
    The Sublime Narcissism of EuphoriaLexi unveiling her masterpiece is Euphoria at its best, which is inextricably bound up with Euphoria at its worst.
  30. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: Bad Art FriendAt long last, the Lexi episode delivers the much-hyped play we’ve been waiting for all season.
  31. q&a
    Chloe Cherry Was Not Cast in Euphoria Because of Her Porn ParodyThe season-two newcomer dishes on Faye’s connection with Fezco, her impeccable comedic timing, and the messiness of teen sex.
  32. buffering
    HBO Max’s Ratings EuphoriaA niche show for HBO’s cable channel is a monster hit on streaming.
  33. vulture investigates
    Does Euphoria’s Angus Cloud Really Use Twitter?Vulture investigates.
  34. chat room
    Euphoria’s Colman Domingo Spends 30–50 Hours Preparing for Each Episode“For the special episode, I rehearsed for at least 120 hours.”
  35. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: Uphill BattlesGet ready for a whole lot of reckoning.
  36. tomdaya
    Tom Holland Got a VPN to Try to Watch Euphoria in SpainOf course he did.
  37. chat room
    Euphoria’s Martha Kelly on the Terror of Playing Unlikable“Part of me was like, I hope there’s a way I don’t have to go full monster.”
  38. close reads
    Euphoria Found Its Focus, and It Was GoodIt was also excruciating, but that’s the point.
  39. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: Rock BottomEuphoria restages Good Time with Zendaya in suburbia.
  40. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: FalloutThe episode makes some incremental progression for the characters, but it’s largely been a season of all setup and little payoff so far.
  41. music supervision
    Yellowjackets and Euphoria’s ’90s Music Is Filling a ‘Void of Angst and Anger’Music supervisor Jen Malone breaks down the two shows’ musical fixations and teases some tracks still to come.
  42. chat room
    Euphoria’s Eric Dane Is Building ‘Cal 2.0’“Last year, Cal was very contained, very protected, very cautious. This season, he gets cut loose a bit.”
  43. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: Navigating a Binary WorldRue dabbles in gaslighting and drug-dealing.
  44. shades of cool
    Lana Del Rey Joins Euphoria Universe With ‘Watercolor Eyes’The song will officially premiere on Sunday night’s episode of Euphoria.
  45. overnights
    Euphoria Recap: That Was AwkwardEuphoria is juggling not one but two love triangles simultaneously.
  46. overnights
    Euphoria Season-Premiere Recap: There’s My HeartThe resolution to a two-year Rue and Jules breakup cliffhanger is to … have them get back together again?
  47. tv review
    Euphoria Season Two Is a Whole VibeThe HBO series about teens, drugs, sex, and interpersonal drama returns, ready to do the most.
  48. trailer mix
    Are the Cool Euphoria Teens Doing Okay?Each main character has their own (traumatic) promo.
  49. trailer mix
    The Euphoria Season 2 Trailer Wishes You a Happy Rue YearThe makeup is running.
  50. gen z
    Lil Nas X Turned Down a Role on Euphoria“I want my first movie to be amazing.” Sir, it was called “Montero” music video, and it was.
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