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  1. oscars 2023
    Now, That Wasn’t So Hard, Was It?These back-to-basics Oscars rebuked not just last year’s disaster but the whole concept of “fixing” the Oscars.
  2. backstage
    Don’t Cancel Jamie Lee Curtis“Cancel me tomorrow! But not tonight.”
  3. oscars 2023
    Why Everything Everywhere All at Once Won Best PictureThe A24 film benefited all season long from the sense that it was playing with house money.
  4. oscars 2023
    Everything Everywhere All at Once Did It for the MommiesWinning more above-the-line Oscars than any other movie.
  5. oscars 2023
    Jamie Lee Curtis Won an Oscar Along With Hundreds of Other People“I know it looks like I’m standing up here by myself, but I am not.”
  6. oscar futures
    Can Anyone Predict Who’s Going to Win Best Supporting Actress?Breaking down the contenders in the season’s most unpredictable Oscar race.
  7. sag awards 2023
    Congrats to Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Yeoh’s No. 1 FanHer SAG Award win was an opportunity to kiss her fave.
  8. laundry and taxes
    Ke Huy Quan Becomes First Asian Man to Win Individual SAG Award for Film“This moment no longer belongs to just me, it also belongs to everyone who has asked for change.”
  9. the vulture transcript
    ‘I Owe My Entire Life to Laurie Strode’Jamie Lee Curtis traces her every success — from Trading Places to Freaky Friday to Knives Out — straight back to Halloween.
  10. vulture festival 2022
    Jamie Lee Curtis Is Ready to Debate Ted Cruz Like a Civilized PersonWe still live in a society of laws!
  11. vulture festival 2022
    The Many, Many Highlights of Vulture Festival 2022It’s the most wonderful time of the year.
  12. vulture festival 2022
    Jamie Lee Curtis on Her Freaky Friday Guitar Solo: ‘I Slayed’Even with only one week to prepare for the role.
  13. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Can Jennifer Lawrence Win Back the Oscars Crowd?Plus, Alejandro Iñárritu returns with his trimmed-down Bardo.
  14. vulture lists
    Every Movie in the Halloween Franchise, RankedFrom John Carpenter’s original Halloween to David Gordon Green’s latest, Halloween Ends.
  15. movie review
    Well, Halloween Ends Is a Pleasant SurpriseAt long last, this most recent run of Halloween movies has its Season of the Witch.
  16. vulture festival 2022
    Halloween and Hedwig: Vulture Festival Adds Even More EventsJamie Lee Curtis?? Kumail Nanjiani??? For All Mankind?? THE WHITE LOTUS????
  17. spooky season
    Jamie Lee Curtis’s Scariest Project This Month Was the RHOBH ReunionOne thing is abundantly clear: Jamie Lee Curtis does not care about this show, and she wants us to know that.
  18. trowma
    Babe Wake Up, Jamie Lee Curtis Said ‘Trauma’ AgainMaybe she’s just a Halloween-promotion mastermind.
  19. trailer mix
    Halloween Ends Will Be the Final Girl in the FranchiseThe 13th (spooky) and last installment is out October 14.
  20. coming soon
    Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Stars 999 Happy Faces (For Now)Will known Method actor Jared Leto behead himself to play the Hatbox Ghost?
  21. memoirs
    Jamie Lee Curtis DIY’ed Jennifer Grey’s Memoir CoverGraphic design is her passion.
  22. comedy audit
    Chris Fleming Breaks His Silence on Deirdre BeaubeirdraIs Jamie Lee Curtis’s Everything Everywhere All at Once character a poor man’s Sick Jan? We asked the expert.
  23. trailer mix
    Everything Everywhere All at Once Trailer: A Spider-verse of Michelle YeohsSo many Michelles, and somehow still not enough Michelles.
  24. chat room
    What Judy Greer Thinks of That Halloween Kills EndingJudy Greer on her big moment in the Halloween Kills finale, the curse of the Christmas sweater, and having lunch with Kyle Richards.
  25. movie review
    Halloween Kills Is Afraid of ItselfIt wants to be a gonzo send-up and a social-message movie at the same time. It winds up being neither.
  26. halloween
    The Halloween Kills Team Did a Costumed Red CarpetRed carpets are back, so why not go all out?
  27. reading is fundamental
    Hey Grimes! Other Celebrities Read Too, Ya KnowNo one will ever beat Bradley Cooper reading Lolita to his 21-year-old girlfriend.
  28. trailer mix
    Watch Kyle Richards et al. Get Menaced in the Halloween Kills TrailerStarring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and the resilience of IP.
  29. the vulture transcript
    Fred Willard Took Us Through His Career in the Most Delightfully Willardian WayThe late actor shared stories about the Christopher Guest movies, Salem’s Lot, and mistakenly turning down Airplane!
  30. movie review
    In Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, Rich White Bigots Get Their ComeuppanceMacabre as it is, there’s something comfy about the universe of this ensemble whodunit.
  31. trailer mix
    The Knives Out Trailer Has a Lot of Pretty People Who Might Be MurderersRian Johnson has made a sassy whodunnit.
  32. surprise bitch!
    Michael Myers Lives! Jamie Lee Curtis Announces Two Upcoming Halloween SequelsTurns out there’s a trilogy afoot!
  33. movie review
    An Acceptable Loss Is a So-so Thriller, But Jamie Lee Curtis Is FascinatingIt has its moments.
  34. scream queen
    Jamie Lee Curtis Loathed All That Spon Con on the Golden Globes Red Carpet“I said out loud that I didn’t want to be doing advertising.”
  35. casting
    Jamie Lee Curtis Rides Her Box Office Heatwave Into Rian Johnson’s Knives OutWe need more classic-style whodunits.
  36. box office
    Why Jamie Lee Curtis Should Absolutely Brag About Halloween’s Opening Weekend“OK. I’m going for one BOAST post.”
  37. halloween
    Every Easter Egg in the New HalloweenHalloween is peppered with references to its predecessor: visual homages, character callbacks, and inside jokes, some obvious and some nearly buried.
  38. movies
    The New Halloween Evokes the Genius and Dumbness of the OriginalDavid Gordon Green and Jamie Lee Curtis take memorable images from Carpenter’s Halloween and turns them on their heads.
  39. profile
    Jamie Lee Curtis Will Have Her Revenge NowIn the new Halloween, she’s the one hunting Michael Myers. Welcome to the age of big-box-office post-trauma horror.
  40. How Jamie Lee Curtis Sort of Saved a Guy’s Life at Comic-ConIt involved knitting needles and screaming.
  41. horror
    The Halloween Sequel Is Brought to You in Part by … Jake GyllenhaalThe actor hooked up director David Gordon Green with his gig rebooting the franchise.
  42. triumphant returns
    Laurie Strode Lives, in First Look at Jamie Lee Curtis on the New Halloween SetShe’s back home in Haddonfield, Illinois.
  43. harassment in hollywood
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Responds to Eliza Dushku’s True Lies Assault AllegationsSchwarzenegger says he is “shocked and saddened” by the allegations, but “proud” of Dushku for coming forward.
  44. the industry
    Jamie Lee Curtis Discusses Eliza Dushku’s Alleged Abuse While Filming True Lies“She had shared that story with me privately a few years ago. I was shocked and saddened then and still am today.”
  45. casting couch
    Jamie Lee Curtis Will Return As Laurie Strode in HalloweenOf course death wasn’t the end.
  46. last night on late night
    Jamie Lee Curtis Discusses True Lies Strip SceneYou know the one.
  47. fundraising
    Britney Spears, Scream Queens Join Louisiana Flood-Relief EffortsSpears will raffle off the dress she’s wearing at this year’s VMAs to aid Red Cross efforts in the state.
  48. comic con 2016
    Comic-Con: Scream Queens Is a Real-Life SororityRyan Murphy’s little monsters.
  49. good looks
    Here Is Actress and Orc Shaman Jamie Lee Curtis at the Warcraft PremiereNote: Jamie Lee Curtis is not in the Warcraft movie.
  50. blogs
    Jamie Lee Curtis Pens Blog About Addiction“This is what it sounds like when we all cry,” she writes, amid reports of Prince’s painkiller use.
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