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  1. london calling
    Samantha’s Return Was Perfectly Nice. What a Waste.With Kim Cattrall’s much-anticipated cameo, And Just Like That … set itself up for the worst of both worlds.
  2. couples costume
    Kim Cattrall Won’t Want to Be in a Situation for Even an Hour Sans Pat FieldShe was the sole costumee of Cattrall on And Just Like That and Glamorous.
  3. quickly now
    And Just Like That… Samantha’s Cameo Is Not a ‘Large Thing’“I just hope it’s not just a tremendous anti-climax, to be frank.”
  4. on the record
    And Just Like That … Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall’s ‘Catfight’ Wages OnShe’s back.
  5. yama kippi yay bo
    What Is Kim Cattrall’s One And Just Like That … Cameo Scene Going to Be?Two words: jazz scat.
  6. yama kippi yay bo
    Oh, Honey! Kim Cattrall Returns As Samantha Jones on And Just Like That …The Messiah is here!
  7. trailer mix
    Tell Your Kids How You Saw the How I Met Your Father Season-Two TrailerMeghan Trainor is screaming and John Corbett has sideburns.
  8. the samantha diaries
    Carrie and Samantha Are Still Texting in And Just Like That … Season TwoMessaging a girl with the funkiest taste in texts.
  9. yama kippi yay bo
    Kim Cattrall on And Just Like That … : ‘Enough’“I think the original show is really amazing, but that was a different time.”
  10. i couldn’t help but wonder
    What Would Samantha Jones Do?It’s impossible to watch And Just Like That … and not think about what could’ve been, if only Samantha had been around to talk sense into her friends.
  11. trailer mix
    Hilary Duff Tells Us How She Meet Your Father in New TrailerHow I Met Your Father debuts on Hulu on January 18.
  12. hello & goodbye
    The Arrivals and Departures of And Just Like That …Farewell to those who were written out of the Sex and the City revival series, and hello to those who have arrived to fill their places.
  13. spin-offs
    Kim Cattrall Will Play an Older Hilary Duff in Hulu’s How I Met Your FatherHer (m)other half, if you will.
  14. mannequin challenge
    Andrew McCarthy Fixed And Just Like That With a Little PhotoshopNo Sam Jones, but what about Jonathan Switcher and Emmy?
  15. snl
    Yama Kippi Yay Bo! SNL Finally Parodies Kim Cattrall’s Scatting VideoGlorious nonsense, practically invented in a lab for Cecily Strong to parody.
  16. ? and the city
    Jennifer Coolidge Hears You, But Kim Cattrall Is Too ‘Perfect’ to ReplaceIn case you were thinking she’d make a great replacement Sam Jones.
  17. rumors
    Sex and the City Might Be Getting an HBO Max RebootKim Cattrall is still very much not involved.
  18. cancellations
    Fox Sends Kim Cattrall Series Filthy Rich to the TV AfterlifeThe network also canceled sci-fi drama NeXt.
  19. filthy rich
    How Samantha Jones Is Kim Cattrall in Filthy Rich?Only God can judge Margaret Monreaux, but we can judge how much Cattrall’s new prime-time soap reminds us of her Sex and the City character.
  20. last night on late night
    Whitney Cummings Has Carrie’s Mirror From Sex and the CityAnd she has nothing to say about the Kim Cattrall–SJP mourning drama.
  21. new shows
    Kim Cattrall Will Star in Fox Drama Filthy RichA soapy southern gothic about televangelists, what’s not to like?
  22. roll clip!
    See Kim Cattrall As Red Riding Hood’s Judgy Grandma in Tell Me a StoryThe CBS All Access fairy-tale thriller premieres on October 31.
  23. Every Episode of Sex and the City, RankedAll 94 episodes of this sometimes problematic, sometimes infuriating, sometimes sublime — but no doubt seminal — show, from worst to best.
  24. casting
    Kim Cattrall Is Returning to TV for a CBS All Access Fairy-Tale ThrillerCattrall will play “an unlikely and very nontraditional grandmother.”
  25. feuds
    It’s Settled: Sex and the City Actor Jason Lewis Is on Team Sarah Jessica Parker“What a gracious lady. She was always so good to me.”
  26. sex and the city 3
    Andy Cohen Defends Sarah Jessica Parker From Kim Cattrall in SATC DramaCattrall accused her SATC co-star of exploiting her family’s tragedy to seem nice.
  27. Kim Cattrall Does Not Want ‘Hypocrite’ Sarah Jessica Parker’s Condolences“Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now.”
  28. frenemies
    Kim Cattrall Says She and Her Sex and the City Co-stars Weren’t FriendsAnd Sarah Jessica Parker could’ve been nicer about Cattrall’s decision to not return for the third movie.
  29. new yorker festival
    Ryan Murphy Has a Sex and the City 3 Solution: Recast SamanthaOr just do one where she’s dead.
  30. The Sex and the City 3 Drama, As Explained by Carrie BradshawI couldn’t help but wonder: Is it better for a series to die before its time, or to keep going long after it should have passed?
  31. time check
    A Quick Way to Make Today’s Stars Seem OldAt 52, George Clooney is a year older than Wilford Brimley was when Cocoon was released.
  32. clickables
    Watch Kim Cattrall Purr Seductively About Super Mario“Guess what? He’s totally into dressing up.”
  33. party chat
    Kim Cattrall Likes the Sex and the City Jokes in GirlsThough she still needs to watch it.
  34. stage dive
    Theater Review: A Cool Private LivesThe sparks are all there, but it never quite catches.
  35. clickables
    Watch the BBC’s Downton Abbey Spoof With Kim CattrallHer accent is not great.
  36. sex and the pity
    Debate: What Went Wrong with Sex and the City 2?And is Samantha “grotesque”?
  37. sex and the city 2
    A Video History of Samantha’s SATC OglingAnd their accompanying horrible sex puns.
  38. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Sarah Jessica Parker Has an Average HusbandPlus, Kim Cattrall explains to Jimmy Fallon how New York City made her into a normal person, on our regular late-night roundup.
  39. quote machine
    Kim Cattrall No Fan of Sex Talk at the Fish CounterPlus: Tracy Morgan justifies ‘Cop Out.’
  40. quote machine
    Harmony Korine Can Totally Imagine His Latest Movie Being Discovered in a Pile of CondomsPlus: David Cross on why Notorious B.I.G. is overrated.
  41. chat room
    Kim Cattrall Talks Meet Monica Velour, Looking UglyThe ‘Sex and the City’ star talks about gaining weight for a role, the true colors of famous male actors, and seeing Brian Dennehy’s balls.
  42. trailer mix
    The New Sex and the City 2 Trailer: Puns in the SunWe’re just waiting to find out what the gross-out scene is.
  43. the industry
    Shrinking Violet Kim Cattrall Finds Another Restrained Character to PlayPlus: McPheever heads to the movies, again! And Rob Marshall ditches his agency.
  44. the industry
    Dust Off Your Manolos: ‘Sex and the City’ Heading to the Big ScreenNew Line finalizes deal to produce Sex and the City movie, with series creator Michael Patrick King writing and directing and all four stars participating. Kim Cattrall had held things up with contract demands but receives a deal for a future show at HBO as part of negotiations for this project. [Variety]
  45. the industry
    Ewan McGregor Plots to Kill Chiwetel Ejiofor