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  1. no time to buy
    Amazon Roars Its Way to $8 Billion MGM PurchaseOh, sorry, $8.45 billion.
  2. see you in court
    Zendaya Will Play a Married Tennis Coach in Luca Guadagnino’s ChallengersMike Faist and Josh O’Connor are in talks to join her in the romantic drama.
  3. trailer mix
    Channing Tatum Is Ruff-’n’-Ready to Hit the Road in the Dog TrailerThe buddy comedy, out in February, co-stars a Belgian Malinois.
  4. casting call
    Leonardo DiCaprio May Lead a Massacre in MGM’s Jim Jones MovieThe actor is reportedly in final talks to star as the religious cult leader.
  5. no time to release a movie
    The Huge Hidden Cost of Holding a MovieAccording to experts across the industry, the financial disarray of COVID-era Hollywood goes much deeper than bankrupt movie-theater chains.
  6. blacula lives!
    Blacula Rises Again With MGM Reboot, Currently In DevelopmentDeon Taylor will reportedly direct the studio’s revival of the blaxploitation movie.
  7. buffering
    Can MGM Help Amazon’s Video Business Roar?A closer look at the big deal of the week.
  8. no time to buy
    We’re Shaken, Not Stirred, at the News Amazon Is Eyeing MGM for $9 BillionThe studio has reportedly been exploring a sale since December.
  9. stonks!
    MGM Bets You’ll Love a Movie About the Whole GameStop Stock PandemoniumReportedly based on a book proposal by Ben Mezrich.
  10. $$$
    MGM, That Studio With the Lion, Is Exploring a SaleIts biggest offering? Bond, James Bond.
  11. adaptations
    Brad Pitt and Oprah to Produce Adaptation of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s The Water DancerCoates’s debut novel will soon be a film.
  12. coronavirus
    We’ll Have to Wait a Little Longer for RespectMGM pushed its release date to August 2021.
  13. accurate titles
    The Title of Jason Statham’s Next Film Is Right Up There With Snakes On a PlaneCan’t say you didn’t know what it was about.
  14. adaptations
    Blessed Be the Sequel! Hulu Buys Rights to New Handmaid’s Tale BookThe format has yet to be decided.
  15. MGM Sued Over James Bond DVD Box Set Allegedly Missing Two Bond FilmsLegally, what constitutes “all the Bond films gathered together for the first time”?
  16. irreconcilable differences
    Kevin Smith Drops Buckaroo Banzai Amazon SeriesSmith dropped out because of a copyright lawsuit.
  17. very necessary remakes
    Michael B. Jordan to Star in Thomas Crown AffairThat Thomas Crown has a lot of affairs.
  18. lawsuits
    MGM Accuses Universal of Making a James Bond Rip-offThere’s a lawsuit. 
  19. sequels forever
    Ice Cube to Make a Third Barbershop VisitTen years after the last sequel.
  20. ballsy lawsuits
    Weekend at Bernie’s Director and Writer Sue for ProfitsTwenty-five years after its release.
  21. remakes
    There’s a Road House Remake in the WorksRob Cohen is set to direct.
  22. the industry
    Bill & Ted May Ride Again for a Third FilmStars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are attached, as is Galaxy Quest director Dean Parisot.
  23. exclusive
    The Long-Delayed Red Dawn Remake Could Have Been Scarily TopicalIt originally had China repossessing the U.S. because of its debt. Then economics got in the way.
  24. scary movies
    Long-Delayed Joss Whedon Horror Movie Will Finally Get Released’The Cabin in the Woods’ co-stars Chris “Thor” Hemsworth, so Lionsgate stepped in.
  25. mgm
    MGM Reboots With Hansel and GretelAlso, a remake of Mr. Mom!
  26. the industry
    Industry: Dan Brown to Write The Lost Symbol ScriptPlus: Billy Baldwin returns to ‘Gossip Girl.’
  27. the studios
    MySpace President Plans to Lead MGM Out of BankruptcyAlong with the former CBS CFO.
  28. james bond
    Long-Delayed James Bond Film Set for November 2012And then you’ll get one every other year.
  29. the industry
    MGM Files for BankruptcyCorporate raider Carl Icahn and the home of Bond reached an agreement, breaking the stalemate.
  30. mgm
    MGM CEO Mary Parent Officially OutAnd she won’t miss it!
  31. the studios
    Spyglass Partners Take Over at MGMWhile the studio’s chairperson eyes the exit sign.
  32. mgm
    Spyglass Close To Rescuing MGMPotentially good news for James Bond.
  33. hobbits
    Peter Jackson Secretly Auditioning HobbitsHe’s in Los Angeles this week meeting with potential Bilbos.
  34. bond
    MGM Reportedly Cancels Bond 23Film had already been placed on indefinite hold.
  35. jamesbondpocalypse
    Bond 23 on Hold … Indefinite HoldHas MGM’s crappy luck spared us all a Sam Mendes–directed James Bond movie?
  36. 3-d
    Report: Darren Aronofsky Unwilling to Perform 3-D Circus Tricks for MGMHmmm, we wonder if Mary Parent made the same request of Sam Mendes?
  37. the hobbit
    Guillermo Del Toro Cast Himself in The HobbitHe’ll play one of the monsters, which is only fair because he designed them.
  38. mgm
    MGM Cut Some SlackNikki Finke is allowed one “TOLDJA!” this morning.
  39. vampires
    Does Summit Want the Weinstein Company?Summit Entertainment, the house that ‘Twilight’ built, is in the market for a debt-ridden studio!
  40. mgmpocalypse
    The Hobbit in Trouble Again As MGM ‘Teeters on Bankruptcy’MGM reportedly held an hours-long conference call with bondholders yesterday during which management begged for money.
  41. parental guidance suggested
    New Fame? Probably LameWhole the original was rated R, the new one scored a PG rating.
  42. nazi tom cruise
    Is ‘Valkyrie’ Giving Up on Awards Season?’When did a December release date mean that a film exists first and foremost for award consideration?’ says MGM.
  43. the internet
    MGM to Post Crap on YouTubeMGM will be the first major studio to post full-length movies that no one wants to watch on the site.
  44. the industry
    Charlize Theron, Tom Cruise, Caught in ‘Tourist’ TrapPlus: Ron Livingston returns to TV! Jane Fonda returns to Broadway! Steven Soderbergh returns to making movies that don’t sound completely insane!
  45. obviously
    Leaked MGM Memo: Everyone Loves the ‘Valkyrie’ Trailer!An internal memo trumpets that the Internet is positively smiten with the Tom Cruise flick. Apparently we’re using a different Internet?
  46. the industry
    Brett Ratner Wants to Make a Guitar Hero MoviePlus: They’ve found the perfect director for ‘Voltron’! It’s some dude who directed ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’!
  47. apropos of nothing
    Merrill Lynch Angling for Larger Share of the ‘Valkyrie’ ProfitsFollowing Paula Wagner’s ousting, the bank is looking to renegotiate its contract with Tom Cruise’s United Artists.
  48. the industry
    Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro Hire Each Other to Write ‘The Hobbit’Plus: Yet another bastard joins ‘Inglorious Bastards,’ and James McAvoy to play a CGI gnome in most horrible movie ever.
  49. the industry
    Is Paul Greengrass Going on ‘Trial’ in Steven Spielberg’s Place?Plus: Philip Seymour Hoffman directs Cate Blanchett’s husband’s play.
  50. the industry
    Bizarro-World Arnold Schwarzenegger to Play the New TerminatorEvery single news item happening in Hollywood today has to do with sequels, remakes, or adaptations of old movies.
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