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  1. movie review
    Well, Halloween Ends Is a Pleasant SurpriseAt long last, this most recent run of Halloween movies has its Season of the Witch.
  2. chat room
    What Judy Greer Thinks of That Halloween Kills EndingJudy Greer on her big moment in the Halloween Kills finale, the curse of the Christmas sweater, and having lunch with Kyle Richards.
  3. movie review
    Halloween Kills Is Afraid of ItselfIt wants to be a gonzo send-up and a social-message movie at the same time. It winds up being neither.
  4. ahh scary
    Mike Myers Is Coming Back in Halloween ReturnsThe deadly Mike Myers, not the funny one.
  5. kills
    Video: The Eight Deaths of Michael MyersWatch everyone’s favorite teenager-murderer get beaten by Paul Rudd and electrocuted by Bustah Rhymes!