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  1. my unorthodox life
    Kristen Bell to Befriend an Unorthodox RabbiIn a Netflix comedy by Katharine McPhee’s stepdaughter.
  2. vulture lists
    The Most Complicated Swimsuits on Perfect Match, RankedWe just want to dive into a pool without having to hold onto our bottoms. The women of Perfect Match seem to have different priorities.
  3. overnights
    Perfect Match Season-Finale Recap: Love It or Leave ItPerfect Match puts the couples through as much chaos as humanly possible in the final episodes.
  4. prepare for trouble
    Is Psyduck Running the White Lotus for Pokémon?These Pokémon, they’re trying to murder me!
  5. trailer mix
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Does One Last Job in FUBARHis first live-action series, coming to Netflix.
  6. stand-up
    How to Watch Chris Rock’s Selective Outrage Live on NetflixMarch 4’s live special will feature pre- and postshow events with Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart, Paul McCartney, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and more.
  7. emotional roller coasters
    The 16 Stages of Watching Outer Banks Season 3In season three, Netflix’s treasure-hunting cuties are wilder and angstier than ever.
  8. coming soon
    The Umbrella Academy Is Adding Some New Faces to Its Final TimelineNick Offerman, Megan Mullally, and David Cross will join the Hargreeves siblings in season four.
  9. spoilers
    Red Rose’s Ending Is Invasively ThornyDespite a few supernatural feints, the British thriller is ultimately more concerned with the dangers of casually ubiquitous surveillance.
  10. mo’nique
    Mo’Nique Is Ready to Share All of Her SecretsFollowing her 2019 lawsuit against Netflix, her special for the streamer debuts on April 4.
  11. the industry
    David Fincher Says Netflix Didn’t Want to Shell Out for Mindhunter Season ThreeDavid Fincher confirmed that the third season was too expensive to get off the ground.
  12. overnights
    Perfect Match Recap: Love Is BlindsidedWhy are these men on Perfect Match if they’re afraid of committing to a relationship? Go on a different show!
  13. close read
    Physical: 100 Isn’t Built to Be BrutalDon’t be fooled by the Squid Game aesthetics: Netflix’s Korean reality competition may just be the best example of good sportsmanship on TV.
  14. adult themes
    Awful Adults Haunt Lockwood & Co.’s Ghost-Hunting TeensJoe Cornish’s Netflix series suggests adolescent anti-authoritarianism is society’s most valuable asset against dispassionate grown-up greed.
  15. trailer mix
    There’s a Maniac on the Loose, and It’s Not Joe GoldbergLove (Quinn) hurts in the You season four, part two, trailer.
  16. freebies
    6 Mobile Plans That Can Get You a Free Streaming ServiceYou get a free Disney+! And you get a free HBO Max! And you get a free Netflix!
  17. overnights
    Perfect Match Series-Premiere RecapNetflix’s latest dating competition is part Bachelor in Paradise, part Love Island, and all chaos.
  18. family hate netflix
    Arrested Development Set to Leave Netflix, Cue the Charlie Brown MusicGet us a vodka rocks and a piece of toast.
  19. no more
    Penn Badgley Says He Wants to Put His Sex Scenes to BedHe asked if he could go “from 100 to zero” in You season four.
  20. uncancelled
    Oh Hey, Uncoupled Is Recoupling with ShowtimeNetflix previously canceled the Neil Patrick Harris-led show after one season.
  21. behind the screams
    Jenna Ortega’s Kooky, Spooky Wednesday Schedule Had Her Crying ‘Hysterically’No wonder she didn’t have time to come back for the fourth season of You.
  22. cunk up the jam
    Cunk on Earth Is So Perfectly StupidIt’s a show that dares to ask the question, “Were numbers worth less back in ancient times?”
  23. respect the classics
    Your Place or Mine’s Other Love Interest Is the CarsThe rom-com features ten “emotional and undeniable bops” from the band, and it could’ve been even more.
  24. overnights
    You Recap: The Thrill of the HuntThe “you” of the season is finally revealed, just in time to explain their whole evil scheme.
  25. overnights
    You Recap: My Old Country HomeIt’s very funny that these people are playing a murder-mystery game when there is an actual killer on the loose.
  26. coming soon
    Netflix Ditches ‘Outwit’ and ‘Outplay’ for Just OutlastNetflix is sponsoring Chris McCandlesses now.
  27. overnights
    You Recap: Good GriefNew city, new friends, new “you,” but it’s the same ol’ Joe.
  28. overnights
    You Recap: Red ScareTo find out who tried to frame him, Joe realizes he needs to utilize his strengths — it’s time to start stalking.
  29. overnights
    You Season-Premiere Recap: Down and Out in Paris and LondonJoe starts anew in London, but old habits die hard.
  30. explainers
    What the Great Netflix Password Crackdown Means for YouLet’s talk about it.
  31. you again
    A Highly Condensed Recap of You, Season ThreeHaving trouble keeping track of Joe Goldberg’s love-inspired murders last year? Here’s a recap before boarding season four.
  32. trailer mix
    Outer Banks Season 3 Will Have the Pogues Poguing Around PoguelandiaThe new trailer is just the start of the treasure hunt.
  33. endings
    Even Nicolas Winding Refn Doesn’t Know What Copenhagen Cowboy’s Ending Means“Sometimes getting everything is not the right answer.”
  34. sundance 2023
    A Complete List of Films Sold at Sundance 2023 (and Their Price Tags)Sony Pictures Classics picked up mother-daughter drama The Persian Version.
  35. first impressions
    Look, Lauren London Wasn’t Sure About You People at First Either“Why would these two people really like each other?” she recalled thinking.
  36. trailer mix
    Perfect Match Is Squid Game for DatingNetflix’s most famous singles will take matters into their own hands February 14.
  37. sound thinking
    Netflix Adds a Shiny New Audio Option for Top-Paying SubscribersMore bang for your buck, even on crappy laptop speakers.
  38. that 90s show
    Ashton Kutcher on Danny Masterson’s Trial: ‘Ultimately, I Can’t Know’The That90s Show actor discusses his former co-star’s upcoming trial in March.
  39. sundance 2023
    Sundance’s Year of Existential Crisis Yielded Back-to-Back MegadealsInsiders call this year’s Sundance a return to form, with several all-night bidding wars and multiple eight-figure deals.
  40. cast away
    Netflix Gave Us More Than One Piece of Info About One PieceGet ready to munch on some devil fruit.
  41. trailer mix
    Buddy-Comedy Duo Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Are Back on the CaseMurder Mystery 2 promises more murder and more mystery, even.
  42. buffering
    What Netflix’s Bela Bajaria Era Means for Hollywood“She needs to keep programming things people watch versus snobby s- - - people don’t.”
  43. documentary
    How Margaret Brown Filmed One of the Year’s Most Telling Documentary ScenesThe Descendant director couldn’t have anticipated the unearthing of the slave ship Clotilda or the silence from the family who’d owned it.
  44. overnights
    That ’90s Show Season-Finale Recap: Compromising PositionsAn unearned love triangle and too much Fez makes for a disappointing finale.
  45. overnights
    That ’90s Show Recap: Ever Make Someone Laugh From Thousands of Miles Away?Wait … is Nikki a nerd?!
  46. overnights
    That ’90s Show Recap: It Rips My Life Away, But It’s a Great EscapeIt turns out, just like alternative rock, summer break is almost over.
  47. overnights
    That ’90s Show Recap: Michael Kelso Would NeverThe new Kelso is everything the elder Kelso is not — graceful, mature, and kind of boring.
  48. overnights
    That ’90s Show Recap: Point Place, 53140Leia tries to win over Jay, “Kelly style.”
  49. trailer mix
    Cobra Kai Is Closing Down the Dojo After Six SeasonsPerhaps the Valley can finally heal from the scourge of constant karate wars.
  50. sundance 2023
    Netflix Draws First Blood at Sundance With a Deal for Run Rabbit RunFor some Hollywood watchers, whom Run Rabbit Run sold to and when carries unmistakable symbolic import.
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