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Pirates Of The Caribbean

  1. depply untrue
    Jack Sparrow Isn’t Coming Back for PiratesUnder oath, Sparrow is no more (at least onscreen).
  2. pirates 6
    Johnny Depp’s $22.5 Million Debate Over Pirates of the Caribbean 6Meanwhile, Depp rested his case.
  3. y’arr
    Yo Ho, an All-Female Pirates of the Caribbean Movie for Margot RobbieFrom the writer of Birds of Prey.
  4. hunter’s line readings
    This One Pirates of the Caribbean Line Plays on a Loop in My HeadWe’re not one nation under God, we’re one nation under this Geoffrey Rush quote.
  5. reboots
    Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot Resurfaces From the Briny DeepAs you fathom what a reboot might entail, consider that Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin is now attached.
  6. alternate universe
    Orlando Bloom Is the Greatest SNL Host Who Never WasOh, what might have been.
  7. movies
    Disney May Hire Deadpool Writing Team for Next Pirates MovieYes, another one.
  8. hearsay
    At Long Last, Johnny Depp Confirms That He Does Act With an EarpieceFirst reported on Vulture in 2008.
  9. wench news
    Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Will No Longer Feature a Bride AuctionOne less awkward, pirate-related question you’ll have to field from your kids this summer.
  10. After So Many Flops, How Is Johnny Depp’s Career Still in Such Good Shape?Despite a long line of flops and mountains of bad press, Johnny Depp is still one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood. Why?
  11. pirates of the caribbean
    The Pirates of the Caribbean Budget Included $2 Million for SnacksThat’s a whole lot of Pirate’s Booty.
  12. The New Pirates Movies May Be Awful, But Don’t Forget How Great the Old Ones AreHorror, romance, and comedy – the trilogy mixes and twists them to create something unique.
  13. vulture lists
    Johnny Depp’s 13 Homes, RankedFrom the yacht to the private island.
  14. first looks
    Paul McCartney Wears Requisite Level of Eyeliner in Pirates of the CaribbeanThere are secrets in his hair.
  15. movie posters
    Why Is Disney Only Showing Half of Johnny Depp’s Face on the Pirates Billboards?How do you advertise a movie where your star is both the main attraction and the biggest liability?
  16. foresight is 20/20
    The Fate of a Character Missing From the Love Actually Sequel Isn’t So CharmingImprobably good luck can’t last.
  17. visa ban
    Iranian Movie Star Says She Might Lose a Role Because of Trump’s Visa BanIranian-born actress Golshifteh Farahani appeared most recently in Paterson.
  18. trailer mix
    Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Teaser TrailerThe ghosts (and viewers) will have to wait for another trailer to find Jack Sparrow.
  19. movies
    Jack Sparrow Faces Javier Bardem, Ghost PiratesTitled Dead Men Tell No Tales.
  20. lookalikes
    The Rock-Star Inspirations for Johnny Depp’s Characters Revealed!It goes far beyond Keith Richards. Did you know that Willy Wonka is a young George Harrison?
  21. The Lost Roles of Ricky GervaisWhether you know Ricky Gervais best as a writer, an actor, or a brave, envelope-pushing purveyor of Kim Kardashian zingers, it’s safe to say […]
  22. the star market
    The Star Market: With Three Musketeers, Can Orlando Bloom Fight His Way Onto the A-List?“Right now, he’s not even a stock; he’s a CD.”
  23. candor
    Johnny Depp: Pay Me ‘Stupid Money’ and I’ll Keep Making Pirates“It’s ridiculous, yeah, yeah. But ultimately is it for me? No.”
  24. trailer mix
    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Trailer: Here’s Johnny!And his face looks like it’s rebounded from ‘The Tourist.’
  25. movies
    Johnny Depp: ‘All My Characters Are Gay’Or so he told Disney.
  26. clickables
    See Johnny Depp’s Surprise School Appearance As Captain Jack SparrowFirst we heard it happened, now we get visual proof.
  27. trailer mix
    Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer; or, a Reminder Johnny Depp Has CharmAnd that’s all that happens.
  28. the industry
    Sean Penn and Robert Pattinson to Join the Circus?Plus: Rob Marshall! Steven Spielberg! Danny Boyle!
  29. moving on
    Disney Reportedly Preparing for Johnny Depp’s Departure From Pirates FranchiseDepp will likely make the fourth ‘Pirates’ film, but he’s not too keen on the planned fifth and sixth installments.
  30. the industry
    James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn Totally Not Responsible for Lincoln’s AssassinationPlus: Johnny Depp! Elvis Costello! The Black Keys!
  31. the industry
    Steven Spielberg to Save Money on CGIPlus: NBC is saved!
  32. the industry
    Gore Verbinski Tired of PiracyPlus: Jackie Chan to make action movie.
  33. the industry
    Disney Gives Johnny Depp Another Free Trip to the CaribbeanPlus: We hope you like vampires!
  34. apropos of nothing
    Why Movie Stars Seem So Bored at American Junkets
  35. the water cooler
    ‘Pirates’ Rakes in the Doubloons
  36. quote machine
    Michael Moore Defends His Journalism. Sort Of.
  37. quote machine
    What Are Rosie and Elisabeth So Angry About? (Hint: It’s Not Their Hairstyles!)
  38. quote machine
    ‘Bride of Chucky’: Not for Intellectuals
  39. quote machine
    Johnny Depp Disputes Pirates’ Hygiene
  40. quote machine
    Bill Clinton Finds the Song That Makes Israel and Palestine Get Along