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  1. low hp
    Pokémon Showdown Uses Truth on Love Is Blind’s MiltonIt’s super effective!
  2. now streaming
    The 30 Best Anime on Netflix Right NowFrom Cowboy Bebop to Kotaro Lives Alone, the service has some beautifully animated Japanese gems.
  3. prepare for trouble
    Is Psyduck Running the White Lotus for Pokémon?These Pokémon, they’re trying to murder me!
  4. vulture lists
    15 Pokémon Episodes That Show How Ash Ketchum Became the Very BestIt took more than 1,000 episodes, but Ash became world champion. Here are the highlights of his journey to become a Pokémon master.
  5. gotta catch em all
    Which Pokémon Game (or Show, or Book) Is Right for You?Pokémon FOMO is real.
  6. i choose you
    Netflix Is Making a ‘Live-Action’ Pokémon Show. A Real Dog Should Play Pikachu.It’s not “live-action” if half the show is CGI. We have a solution: Dogs in costumes.
  7. covers
    Post Malone Covered Hootie for Pokémon 25 Concert and There’s Nothing You Can DoGotta catch it all!
  8. apologies
    Magician Uri Geller Apologizes to Pokémon FansHis apology to spoons remains forthcoming.
  9. how do you like them apples
    Nature Is Healing: Nintendo Is Finally Remaking Pokémon SnapN64 millennials rejoice!
  10. important things
    All 151 SNL Cast Members As PokémonThe timing was right.
  11. very twisty
    Detective Pikachu’s Writers Explain How They Approached the Movie’s EndingIt’s very twisty!
  12. chat room
    Bill Nighy Explains His Deep New Love of Pokémon“The thing that made a big impression on me was the Pokédex … It is a kind of fetish.”
  13. ridley scott fan club
    Why Does Detective Pikachu Look So Good? It Was Shot on 35mm Film.“We wanted to make it look like Blade Runner.”
  14. celebrity collections
    Bill Nighy Is a Pokémon Master NowHis favorite pokémon? “The ancient Mew.”
  15. catch ‘em all
    It Took Detective Pikachu Producers 7 Years to Make a Live-Action Pokémon MovieLegendary Entertainment never set out to make a movie about a coffee-addicted Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds, but here we are.
  16. catch ‘em all
    How Detective Pikachu’s Writers Decided Which Pokémon to Includea.k.a. how Psyduck became a star.
  17. movie review
    Pokémon Detective Pikachu Is Fun, But It Should Have Been More DisturbingThe Pokémon are fun to watch, but the movie is no Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  18. explainers
    Unpacking the Unhinged Detective Pikachu UniverseCan Detective Pikachu only investigate Pokémon crimes? Do Pokémon operate outside the human legal system? Is there a Pokémon god?
  19. watch this
    ‘True Detective Pikachu’ Is Here to Haunt Your DreamsPika pika!
  20. trailer mix
    New Detective Pikachu Trailer: He Loves Coffee, and He Hates CrimeRyan Reynolds is an extremely sassy Pokémon.
  21. chat room
    RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Aja on Death Drops, Pokémon, and Her Rap Career“Nobody’s going to know me better than myself, and I think I’m f*cking sweet!”
  22. casting
    Rita Ora Joins Detective Pikachu, As the World Asks, ‘Who Is That Pokémon?’Ryan Reynolds is starring as the titular Detective Pikachu.
  23. Justice Smith to Help Catch Them All in Live-Action Detective PikachuCrack open a Poké Ball and out pops a film franchise.
  24. gotta catch ‘em all
    Guardians of the Galaxy Writer Joins Pokémon PicSo … will a mini Pikachu dance?
  25. last night on late night
    SNL’s Michael Che Catches ‘Minorities’ at RNCGotta catch ‘em all?
  26. gotta watch ‘em all
    11 Significant Pokémon Episodes on Netflix The very best, like no show ever was.
  27. pokemon go
    Pokémon Go Players Stampede Central Park in Search of Rare VaporeonDon’t come between a trainer and a Vaporeon.
  28. All 151 Pokémon in Pokémon Go, RankedGoddamn Rattata.
  29. in development
    Live-Action Pokémon Movie Will Reportedly HappenThe impact of Pokémon Go.
  30. Where to Find Amazing, Ultra-Rare Pokémon Go PokémonThe game takes the terrain into consideration. Use that knowledge to locate the most coveted Pokémon!
  31. Please Stop Body-Shaming Me for Being the Ice Cream Cone Pokémon, by Colin […] Every day, society tells us how to look and be. Be a rodent, it says. Have a rock in your forehead. Be on fire. I am none of those things, […]
  32. the homosexual agenda
    Ukraine Thinks SpongeBob SquarePants Is Gay and DangerousOther menaces to society: Family Guy, The Simpsons, and The Teletubbies.
  33. clickables
    Meet a Potty-Mouthed Guy Who Effin’ Loves PokémonPossibly the first time anyone has used the word ‘Pokémon’ and dropped the N-bomb in the same sentence.