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  1. tv
    Sam Esmail Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Develops Latest Series The American ThroneThe alt-history family drama is Esmail’s latest project under his overall deal with NBCUniversal.
  2. celebrity babies
    Emmy Rossum and Sam Esmail Welcome Their First ChildSurprise!
  3. leave the world behind
    Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington to Reunite for New ThrillerIt’s an adaptation of Rumaan Alam’s highly anticipated new novel.
  4. casting
    Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer to Star in Slow Burn Podcast TV AdaptationProduced by Sam Esmail and also including Sean Penn and Joel Edgerton.
  5. tv review
    A Show Called Briarpatch Shouldn’t Be This SlickThe new USA mystery crime series from Andy Greenwald and Sam Esmail boasts a proudly weird, stylish exterior that obscures a hollow center.
  6. q&a
    Will Mr. Robot Have a Happy Ending?Talking with showrunner Sam Esmail about paranoid thrillers, speculative fiction, and finishing up his USA drama.
  7. tv review
    Mr. Robot’s Final Season Brings a Unique Vision Into FocusSeason four of the cyberthriller is a virtuosic culmination of everything creator Sam Esmail has built to date.
  8. make it hong chau’s season!
    Julia Roberts and Her Homecoming Wigs Won’t Come Back for Season TwoYou can’t go home (coming) again.
  9. behind the scenes
    Homecoming: The 9 Hidden Details You Probably MissedWhat’s the deal with all those octagons?
  10. the vulture transcript
    How Sam Esmail Directed the Hell Out of HomecomingAn in-depth conversation, and video commentary track, on the show’s visual style, music, set design, and aesthetic blueprint.
  11. overnights
    Homecoming Recap: Road TripAn unauthorized off-campus excursion helps kick the intrigue into high gear on both timelines, and finds a clever rhyme between them in the process.
  12. profile
    Stephan James Is a Face You Won’t Soon ForgetThe star of Homecoming and If Beale Street Could Talk is, quite literally, taking over screens this fall.
  13. overnights
    Homecoming Recap: What A Soldier BelievesWalter’s loyalties are pulled in opposite directions as the fastidious order of the Homecoming program is disrupted.
  14. overnights
    Homecoming Premiere Recap: Down the Rabbit HoleThe podcast makes the jump to TV with a new cast and director, but the same paranoid ambience and puzzle-box narrative.
  15. tv review
    Homecoming Is Must-See Mystery-Box TVJulia Roberts stars in your next Reddit-thread-inspiring TV addiction.
  16. trailer mix
    Homecoming Trailer: Julia Roberts Gets a Wig and a Spooky TV MysteryDirected by the creator of Mr. Robot.
  17. coming to an end
    Mr. Robot to Go Offline After Season 4Or is that just what the deep state wants you to think?
  18. Julia Roberts Might Lead Mr. Robot Creator’s HomecomingThe project is based on the popular Gimlet Media podcast of the same name.
  19. Mr. Robot Season 3 Promises More B.D. Wong’s Whiterose and Bobby CannavaleThe series returns for season 3 in October.
  20. the tv industry
    Mr. Robot’s Sam Esmail Bringing Metropolis Adaptation to TVFritz Lang alert!
  21. post-election mourning
    Sam Esmail ‘Leaks’ a Mr. Robot Script PageElliot is coping with the election outcome.
  22. chat room
    Emmy Rossum on Her Shameless Directorial Debut “It’s like the first time I ever saw myself onscreen, just in a different way.”
  23. the vulture tv podcast
    Mr. Robot Creator Sam Esmail on How He Handles Criticism of the Show“Everyone was bummed out [when people figured out the twist] because we were still shooting and everybody on set was like, Oh shit, this is fucked up.”
  24. tv review
    In Season Two, Mr. Robot’s Biggest Weakness Is Trying to Be Too CleverAm I up or down on Mr. Robot? Neither.
  25. twists
    Mr. Robot’s Big Reveal Took Way Too Long to ArriveThe wait felt unnecessary.
  26. anatomy of a scene
    How Sam Esmail Directs the Cast of Mr. Robot“Somebody asked me what it’s like to work with [Sam Esmail] and I said, ‘It’s fucking depressing.’”
  27. inevitable comparisons
    How Sam Esmail’s Comet Foreshadows Mr. RobotIn many ways, Comet establishes a partial blueprint for what would become Mr. Robot.
  28. tv review
    Mr. Robot’s Second Season Goes Deeper Into Its Hero’s PsycheRiveting, sinister fun.
  29. diversity
    Absurd Tales From Hollywood’s Diversity BattlesFrom the Times’ long look at Hollywood’s peculiar inclusionary efforts.
  30. tca 2016
    Mr. Robot Season Two Will Start to Clarify a Few Things“The timeline is going to get a little clearer. Not 100 percent clearer, because what’s the fun in that?”
  31. mr. robot
    Sam Esmail to Direct All of Mr. Robot Season 2This is going to be so intense.
  32. party chat
    Mr. Robot’s Rami Malek Teases Season 2“It’s going to require a lot of energy.”
  33. party chats
    Sam Esmail Was on Ashley Madison for ‘Research’Also, an Elliot-Angela romance could happen next season.
  34. nycc 2015
    7 Things We Learned from Mr. Robot’s NYCC Panel“You guys did get pretty close.”
  35. finales
    Mr. Robot Creator on His Plans for Season TwoChristian Slater isn’t going anywhere.
  36. the industry
    How Did a Show Like Mr. Robot End Up on USA?It’s off-brand for the network, and that is exactly the point.
  37. backstories
    Mr. Robot Composer on Elliot’s Personal Song“It will land on the major note, and then the minor note.”
  38. influences
    Taxi Driver, Girls, and 7 Other Big Influences on Mr. Robot“There’ll be a little bit of a nod to Dr. Strangelove in the season finale that people can look out for.”