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  1. the streaming wars
    Netflix to Its Techies: Shut UpTech workers at Netflix thought the company would always value their feedback. How naïve.
  2. girlbossery
    Elizabeth Holmes’s Old Tweets Are Miraculously Still UpIt’s like watching The Dropout unfold in real time … on Twitter … with 100 percent more Margaret Thatcher quotes.
  3. the law
    T.J. Miller’s Fake Bomb Threat Charge DroppedProsecutors partly blamed his past brain surgery.
  4. overnights
    Silicon Valley Series-Finale Recap: The Internet We DeservePiperNet’s big debut brings the series, and potentially the world as we know it, to an end.
  5. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: Tres Comas, Muchos ProblemasIt’s time for Pied Piper’s big RussFest debut. What could possibly go wrong?
  6. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: We Are Experiencing Tethical DifficultiesThe show’s master of bullshit phrases traps Richard in a real Tethical conundrum.
  7. silicon valley
    Who Is Silicon Valley’s ‘Jared’ Dunn? Here’s Everything We Know for SurePied Piper’s former COO frequently drops random hints about his mysterious past.
  8. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the ForeheadRichard is forced to man up while Monica is forced to woman up, and both manage to fail in their own unique way.
  9. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: Karma Is a You-Know-WhatA classic Silicon Valley “race against time” episode adds a literal race to the proceedings, and crowns a new reigning king of petty.
  10. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: Goodbye Richard, Hello GwartThe ticking time bomb that is Jared finally goes off, giving us the most violent moment in the show’s history.
  11. tv review
    Silicon Valley Is Ending at Exactly the Right TimeThe HBO comedy enters its sixth and final season with just the right amount of gas left in its tank to finish the journey it began back in 2014.
  12. trailer mix
    Silicon Valley Called on by the U.S. Senate in Its Final SeasonThe HBO series returns for one more round on October 27.
  13. cancellations
    Silicon Valley Will Close Up Shop After Season 6The final set of seven episodes will air later this year.
  14. comedy
    Mike Judge on Loving Funk Music and Reviving King of the Hill“We’ve been talking about it over the last year, and I think we might have a way to do it.”
  15. comedy
    T.J. Miller Wants Us to Know He’s Secretly a Good GuyIt’s the best-kept secret in Hollywood, apparently.
  16. Alice Wetterlund Says Male Silicon Valley Stars Enabled T.J. Miller to ‘Bully’“It was kind of a nightmare.”
  17. Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch on Mocking the Tech EliteThe star of HBO’s satirical comedy reveals what real-life tech moguls always say about the show.
  18. overnights
    Silicon Valley Season-Finale Recap: War and Peace in the ValleyRichard & Co. find themselves facing down a familiar foe in the last episode of the season.
  19. How Silicon Valley Came Up With Richard’s Season Finale DissAnd where the show goes from here.
  20. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: Cryptocurrency CrazinessEverybody’s going to be broke soon enough, right?
  21. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: Jian Yang’s RevengeThe “new Pied Piper” knock-off is officially up and running.
  22. chat room
    Silicon Valley’s Jimmy O. Yang on How Crazy Rich Asians Changed His Life“We’re like the new Asian mafia.”
  23. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: The Terminator ProblemThe mere thought of artificial intelligence sends Gilfoyle into a terror spiral.
  24. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: Here Come the Octopipers!It’s mole hunting season at Pied Piper.
  25. Zach Woods Tells Conan About Being a ‘Nocturnal Anti-Semite’ Zach Woods went on Conan on Wednesday to promote the fifth season of Silicon Valley. One trait of his character that is revealed in a past […]
  26. T.J. Miller Charged with Calling In False Bomb Threat Former Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller was arrested on Monday night and charged with calling in a false bomb threat, according to federal […]
  27. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: A Corporate Affair to RememberAt long last, Jared finally gets a win.
  28. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: The Importance of Being Petty“Reorientation” is one of the best episodes of the series so far.
  29. Silicon Valley Is Savage About T.J. Miller’s CharacterIt’s a slightly milder version of what Chuck Lorre did to Charlie Sheen’s character on Two and a Half Men.
  30. overnights
    Silicon Valley Season Premiere Recap: Mo’ Money, Mo’ ProgrammersAnybody else think Richard becomes head of Hooli by the end of the season?
  31. Silicon Valley Season 5 Doesn’t Need T.J. MillerErlich is gone, but Pied Piper bumbles on.
  32. messy exits
    The Silicon Valley Team Tells the Real Story Behind T.J. Miller’s ExitMiller was reportedly late, drunk, high, and occasionally asleep on set.
  33. trailer mix
    Pied Piper Is Expanding in the Silicon Valley Season 5 TrailerRichard, as always, is totally overwhelmed.
  34. Check Out the Season 5 Trailer for HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’The new season of Silicon Valley now has a full trailer, and it’s got it all: a bunch of dogs, a bear, a secret message, and Andy Daly. Renewed […]
  35. Thomas Middleditch Addresses T.J. Miller and Aziz Ansari Allegations“I thought the whole Aziz Ansari thing was kind of absurd,” Middleditch said.
  36. Season 5 of ‘Silicon Valley’ Premieres on HBO in MarchThe upcoming season of HBO’s Silicon Valley now has a premiere date. The network announced today that season 5 of the show, which was renewed […]
  37. For Martin Starr, the Best Roles Are as Exciting as They Are TerrifyingWhether it’s as a freak and/or geek, a caterer, or a senior security architect, Martin Starr is best known for one of his roles in three of the […]
  38. profile
    T.J. Miller Knows You Think He’s Crazy for Leaving Silicon ValleyA candid conversation with the actor and former HBO star.
  39. T.J. Miller on Leaving ‘Silicon Valley’: ‘It Seemed Like a Funny Trick to […]Last month it was revealed that T.J. Miller will not be returning to Silicon Valley for its fifth season, and now that Erlich Bachman’s final […]
  40. breakups
    T.J. Miller Discusses His ‘Contrarian’ Relationship with Thomas MiddleditchGoodbye, Erlich Bachman.
  41. overnights
    Silicon Valley Season-Finale Recap: Servers Have Souls TooThis wasn’t Silicon Valley’s best season, but it was its funniest.
  42. Haley Joel Osment Turned Out Just FineAfter a hiatus, he’s popping up all over television.
  43. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: All Aboard the Pineapple ExpressIs this the end of Erlich Bachman?
  44. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: Into the VortexKeenan Feldspar is that cool friend who can talk you into anything.
  45. Of Course the Stars of Silicon Valley Met Playing Video GamesKumail Nanjiani and Thomas Middleditch talk about how they got to know each other.
  46. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: The Price of DignityPied Piper faces off against its very first patent troll.
  47. silicon valley
    T.J. Miller Says He Wanted His Silicon Valley Exit to Be Definitive“The best thing for this show is for this character to fade into the ether.”
  48. T.J. Miller Explains Why He’s Leaving ‘Silicon Valley’Right after HBO renewed Silicon Valley last week it was reported that T.J. Miller would not return for season 5, and while the network only […]
  49. theories
    How Will Silicon Valley Kill Off Erlich Bachman?Now that Erlich is leaving the show for good, there is only one way for him to go: He has to die.
  50. overnights
    Silicon Valley Recap: Richard Hendricks Gets Laid!It took him four seasons to get there, but so what?
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