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  1. blabbermouths
    Is Brian Cox Allowed to Be Saying All This?L-to-the-O-G off, Brian.
  2. predictions
    What Will and Should Win at the 2022 Emmy AwardsIt could be a big night for The White Lotus and Ted Lasso … maybe.
  3. emmys 2022
    How to Watch the 2022 Emmy Awards on MondayKenan Thompson is getting that monologue ready.
  4. last night on late night
    J. Smith-Cameron Should Have Thrown Two Drinks in Kieran Culkin’s FaceShe employed a three-strike rule.
  5. waystar royco
    Has Succession Season 4 Started Production? Uh-huh.UPDATE: Logan loves his children.
  6. love is dead
    Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch Are DivorcingFodder for Succession season four.
  7. hmm
    Brian Cox Has a ‘Lot of Respect for’ Succession’s Logan RoyAnd thinks he’s a very misunderstood man.
  8. chat room
    An Interview With Jeremy Strong’s Huge Pinkie RingThe Succession actor’s favorite piece of jewelry tells all.
  9. roy family method
    Matthew Macfadyen Shouts Out Succession Actors Who Aren’t Method“That’s not to say that’s wrong. That’s just not useful.”
  10. that’ll glue pig
    How Long Do You Need to Be Glued to a Counter to Effect Real Milk Change?Gotta be at least one episode of Succession.
  11. actors on actors
    Jeremy Strong Was Michelle Williams’s Daughter’s Therapy HorseWork hard, neigh hard.
  12. slashfic
    BAFTAs: Watch Nicholas Braun Reflect on Matthew Macfadyan’s Forehead KissesWith a letter of support from Nicholas Braun.
  13. my single is dropping
    Nepotism Baby Kendall Roy Drops Billy Joel CoverIn all “Honesty,” you’ve gotta give it to Jeremy Strong for committing to the bit.
  14. last night on late night
    Does Brian Cox Look Like He’s in Oklahoma!?Performing Sydney Sweeney’s Emmy-deserving breakdown on Kimmel.
  15. sag awards 2022
    SAG Awards: Why Did Nicholas Braun Become an Actor? Free SodaBut Kieran Culkin does not care.
  16. fuck off!
    The Greatest Succession Insults, RankedNo one sells a “Fuck off!” like Brian Cox.
  17. tv recaps
    Succession Season-Finale Recap: Bear HugKendall’s failure and retreat back into daddy’s arms was inevitable.
  18. tv recaps
    Succession Recap: Not Very Wedding-yTom has resolved to marry a woman who’s not only having an affair, but who’s invited her lover to the ceremony.
  19. tv recaps
    Succession Recap: Closed-Loop SystemTom’s bachelor party is not the kind of party where people are there for a good time.
  20. tv recaps
    Succession Recap: This Way to the TherapyHaving the entire Roy family under one roof makes for a wonderfully combustible therapy session and some scenes of genuine hurt.
  21. 🍆
    Exposing How TV Shows Source Their Dick Pics“If someone I was dating sent me a dick pic, I might just ask them if I could put it on TV.”
  22. tv recaps
    Succession Recap: No ConfidenceKendall and Roman’s efforts to move against Logan result in an expected comedy of errors that ends in (more) failure.
  23. tv recaps
    Succession Recap: Nest of VipersA Thanksgiving episode that would, in any semi-normal family, lead to multiple breakups, rewritten wills, and hundreds of hours of therapy.
  24. we here for you
    11 Books to Fill the Succession-Size Hole in Your HeartFrom ancient history to children’s fiction.
  25. best of 2021
    Vulture’s 20 Most-Read Stories in 2021The one place where you’ll find Rachel Lindsay, Scott Rudin, and Trisha Paytas together.
  26. close reads
    Succession’s Sincerity ConundrumIn a world where caring for another person might mean harming your own interests, does love between the Roys matter?
  27. tv recaps
    Succession Recap: King for a DayA hilarious, tragicomic hour shows what Waystar might be like if Logan’s children were inadvertently handed the keys to the kingdom.
  28. tv recaps
    Succession Recap: Protect Your NeckPity poor Tom Wambsgans, the newly minted head of amusement parks and cruises.
  29. chat room
    Succession’s Parking-Lot Scene Was a ‘Top-10 Worst Day’ on Set for Sarah Snook“I’m in high heels, and it’s a 45-degree incline. There’s rocks and stones. It’s a tight dress, and my makeup is melting off. And now it’s windy.”
  30. a long talk
    Under the Tuscan SunHow Succession director Mark Mylod turned the Italian countryside into the Roys’ personal hellscape.
  31. last night on late night
    Watch Seth Meyers Practice His Kendall Roy Impression on ‘A Closer Look’It’s okay!
  32. vulture investigates
    So, What’s Kerry’s Deal on Succession?Season three made it very apparent that something is going on between Logan and his personal assistant. Let’s review the tape.
  33. chat room
    Harriet Walter Called Into Succession’s Final Scene From the English CountrysideShe went shopping for all of Caroline’s wedding clothes herself.
  34. relevant doughnuts
    All the Ways Succession Foreshadowed Last Night’s FinaleTom gave us all the clues.
  35. it was tom-atha all along
    Tom Wambsgans Finally Becomes a Real Person, InvolvedThe Roy family’s biggest outsider has turned his chief weakness to his advantage.
  36. backstories
    The Succession Cast Processes the Astonishing Season-Three Finale“If Shiv knows, and Tom doesn’t know that Shiv knows — there’s a lot of potential there,” says Sarah Snook, on location in Montalcino.
  37. spoilers
    Who Got The Worst Deal In That Succession Finale?Everyone is potentially screwed here, but some people are definitely more screwed than others.
  38. spoilers
    Succession Finally Gave Kendall What He’s Been WantingIt didn’t really work out, but still!
  39. overnights
    Succession Season-Finale Recap: Killer InstinctA masterfully orchestrated finale gives us Succession’s version of the Red Wedding.
  40. spoilers
    All Our Lingering Questions Following That Succession FinaleWhere do the Roys go next?
  41. tv recaps
    Succession Recap: Complicated AirflowAn unusual second episode uses the waiting rooms and suites of a hospital as a pressure cooker for family drama.
  42. tv recaps
    Succession Series-Premiere Recap: Roys on DeckWith this much money and power, anything is possible — at least, on matters where your soul isn’t at stake.
  43. stronger together
    Jessica Chastain, Aaron Sorkin, and More Rise Up to Defend Jeremy StrongBehind every Strong man is a group of celebrities willing to defend him.
  44. how-to
    How to Throw a Succession-Finale PartyWe promise it’ll be more fun than Kendall’s birthday.
  45. advent calendar
    A Gift for Succession Fans? We Here For You.Are you a sicko?
  46. the death pit
    Who, If Anyone, Will Die in the Succession Season Finale?Given Kendall’s grim state at the end of the last episode, we run through the odds of a major character meeting their demise.
  47. sit list
    Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Roman’s Quirky Sits on Succession?The youngest Roy son consistently makes some of the most creative seating choices on television, and respect must be paid.
  48. chat room
    Scott Nicholson on Playing Succession’s Only Satisfied Character“I don’t think he has any aspirations to move up because he’s in a very powerful position himself.”
  49. close reads
    That Succession Moment Is About a Lot More Than Roman’s ‘Item’Once you manage to stop cringing, there’s a lot to unpack here.
  50. rock star & the mole woman
    A Timeline of Roman and Gerri’s Succession Sexual TensionFor all you disgusting little slime puppies.
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