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  1. the boys
    Bono and Chris Martin Are Team MattyIn the breakup or the Noel Gallagher beef? It’s unclear.
  2. you’re on your own kid
    Taylor Swift Reportedly Exhausted With Dating the Anti-HeroAfter a whirlwind rebound with Matty Healy, Swift is once again “single.”
  3. timelines
    The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Taylor Swift and Matty Healy’s RelationshipThey’ve now broken up, according to TMZ.
  4. speak now (taylor’s version)
    Taylor Swift Goes Punk on Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)Featuring Hayley Williams and Fall Out Boy.
  5. talk valentina
    Celebrities Support a Pride Month Under AttackStatements of support came from Tyler James Williams, Taylor Swift, and Mia Farrow.
  6. bad blood
    Is Another Taylor Swift Backlash Brewing?If there is, she seems much less pressed about it this time.
  7. talk valentina
    Taylor Swift Criticizes ‘Harmful’ Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation“It’s painful for everyone. Every ally, every loved one, every person in these communities.”
  8. midnight(our)s
    Taylor Swift Begins Her International Era(s Tour)She’ll head to Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil with Sabrina Carpenter.
  9. looking for somebody (to love)
    Matty Healy Reportedly Joins Taylor Swift’s RosterBut who has she really been spending her midnights with, post-Alwyn?
  10. records
    Morgan Wallen’s One Thing at a Time Breaks 30-Year RecordSurpassing Taylor Swift’s Fearless.
  11. like grrah
    Taylor Swift and Ice Spice Vibe Like That in the ‘Karma’ Music VideoReleased after they performed the remix together on the Eras Tour.
  12. by popular demand
    Taylor Swift Turned Up Lana Del Rey’s MicOn the new version of “Snow on the Beach.”
  13. it’s the remix
    Taylor Swift Got in Ha Mood With Ice Spice on a ‘Karma’ RemixAs part of the new Midnights (Til Dawn Edition), out now.
  14. how cheesy
    New Jersey Can’t Wait to Meat Taylor Swift at MidnightThe official state sandwich is now the “Taylor Swift ham, egg, and cheese.”
  15. taylors’ version
    Taylor Lautner Is ‘Praying for John’ Ahead of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)“I feel safe,” he said.
  16. lover era
    Whoops, Keith Urban Accidentally Hard Launched Phoebe and BoFrom the Eras tour VIP tent no less.
  17. it’s taylor swift
    You Missed These Easter Eggs on Taylor Swift’s Eras TourTaylor is making the whole place shimmer in clues.
  18. summer preview 2023
    28 Albums We Can’t Wait to Hear This SummerA long-awaited rap comeback, a scorched-earth divorce record, and garage-rock nostalgia.
  19. now we got problems
    Taylor Swift Appears to Defend Fan From Security Guard at ConcertWhile singing “Bad Blood,” no less.
  20. look what you made her do
    So … Where Are We at With the Taylor Swift Rerecordings?Let’s synchronize our watches on all things Taylor’s Version.
  21. extremely online
    Dianna Agron on Those Taylor Swift Rumors: ‘That’s Funny’Speak Now (Dianna’s Version).
  22. best thing that’s ever been mine
    Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Is Enchanted to Meet You SoonThe rerecording is out July 7, along with six previously unreleased songs.
  23. friend group vibe check
    Choose Your Celebrity Squad!Are you Taylor Swift’s power posse, Shawn Mendes’s barefoot brigade, or Barack Obama’s chamber of commerce?
  24. backstories
    The National Want Their Taylor Swift Duet Played ‘in Context’In “The Alcott,” she “inhabits this story as her own character,” says Aaron Dessner.
  25. sat prep
    Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner Has a Question for Taylor SwiftCan I ask you about Hemingway?
  26. now we got problems
    Taylor Swift’s Breakup Anthems, RankedWill they induce rage tears or make you scream-sing?
  27. swift cities
    The Great War to Welcome Taylor Swift to Town“We don’t like to back down from a challenge.”
  28. snip snip
    Taylor Swift Really Did Cut That ‘invisible string,’ Huh?She replaced the love song again on her latest stop of the Eras Tour.
  29. my breakup is dropping
    What’s Going on with Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn?Everything we know.
  30. videology
    Taylor Swift Shot a New Music Video Amid Tour Break, BreakupAll theories point to “Vigilante Shit.”
  31. it’s just a question
    Can We Ask You (Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn) a Question?It hits different this time.
  32. look what you made them do
    ‘It Made Me Believe That Love Wasn’t Real Anymore. And I Puked.’Swifties on Cornelia Street are taking the Joe Alwyn breakup news as well as you’d expect.
  33. coping mechanisms
    Swifties Will Never Know Peace in Wake of Taylor Swift Break UpLaughin’ but the joke’s not funny at all.
  34. floor is lava
    Sneaky Little Gremlin Taylor Swift Finds New Hidey-holeNo, nothing good starts in a janitor cart!
  35. it’s vintage ok?
    Apparently, Taylor Swift’s Tour Merch Looks Like That on Purpose“If I knew I couldn’t wear it, I would have gotten the water bottle,” says one Swiftie who purchased a shoddy Eras Tour shirt.
  36. everybody agrees
    Taylor Swift Is Gonna Innovate, Vate, Vate at iHeartRadio Awards“I never woke up in the morning and thought, You know what I’m gonna do today? I’m gonna innovate some stuff.”
  37. cheat sheet
    Who’s Your Favorite Artist?A guide to music’s biggest stans and what they stand for.
  38. psst it’s expensive real estate
    All of Real-Estate Mogul Taylor Swift’s Homes, RankedShe’s been through so many housing eras.
  39. no more fomo
    Here’s a Play-by-Play of the First Stop of Taylor Swift’s Eras TourRelive what you missed in Swift City, Eras-zona.
  40. no sleep for the swifties
    Taylor Swift Kicks Off Her Eras Tour Era by Dropping 4 SongsIncluding “Safe & Sound (Taylor’s Version),” which appears to have temporarily ended the civil war between the Civil Wars.
  41. this is not the land…
    Is This the Best Glendale Could Do for Taylor Swift?Not Swiftdale. Not Glendale (Taylor’s Version). Swift City.
  42. well well well
    Taylor Swift Wanted Lana Del Rey to Sing More on Midnights, TooShe could’ve done an entire verse of “Snow on the Beach.”
  43. switched on pop
    The L.A. Guitar Shop Reinventing Indie FolkEveryone from Taylor Swift to Phoebe Bridgers is on an Old Style kick.
  44. all the stars are here
    Taylor Swift Worked the Room at the 2023 GrammysEveryone from Jack Antonoff to SZA to Bonnie Raitt got pics.
  45. grammys 2023
    The Secrets of Pop’s Favorite Mastering EngineerHow to make Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Adele sound perfect.
  46. my music video is dropping
    Obviously, There’s a Lotta Lavender in the ‘Lavender Haze’ VideoIt is once again time to meet Taylor Swift at midnight.
  47. you’re on your own live nation
    Senate Piles On Live Nation, Ticketmaster at Ticketing HearingWhile, yes, peppering in some Taylor Swift references.
  48. fancasts
    Who Should Perform at the Coronation of King Charles?Vulture has some suggestions.
  49. break ups to break ups
    This Season’s Highly Specific Breakup Anthems, RankedEveryone is smoking on ex packs right now.
  50. besties
    Surprise, Taylor Swift and SZA Have Zero BeefThe two will continue to share custody of Phoebe Bridgers.
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