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The Big Lebowski

  1. role call
    Tara Reid Answers Every Question We Have About The Big LebowskiOn beating Liv Tyler and Charlize Theron for the role of Bunny Lebowski and making the Coen Brothers laugh.
  2. health
    Jeff Bridges Reveals He’s Been Diagnosed With Lymphoma: ‘The Prognosis Is Good’“As the Dude would say… New S**T has come to light.”
  3. trailer mix
    The First Trailer for Big Lebowski Spin-off Jesus Rolls Is (Kind of) HereOnly catch: It’s in Italian.
  4. late capitalism
    Is This Video Teasing a Big Lebowski sequel, or a Super Bowl Commercial?The spon abides.
  5. last night on late night
    John Oliver: The Enemy of Net Neutrality Is a Guy Who Loves Big Lebowski QuotesAjit Pai is not a harmless nerd, according to John Oliver.
  6. a closer look
    Seth Meyers Sees President Trump Talking But Only Hears Big Lebowski’s the DudeThey both love White Russians.
  7. roll clip!
    Jeff Bridges Honors a Very Not-Dead John Goodman With the Dude’s Eulogy Speech“He’s a good actor, he’s a good man, John Goodman.”
  8. good signs
    Steve Buscemi Approves of Man’s ‘Shut the Fuck Up, Donny’ Women’s March SignThe sign used a quote from The Big Lebowski.
  9. first looks
    A First Look at The Big Lebowski Sequel Is HerePurple is still his color.
  10. obits
    Character Actor Jon Polito, a Favorite of the Coen Brothers, Dead at 65Polito had memorable roles in Miller’s Crossing, The Big Lebowski, Barton Fink, and many more.
  11. r.i.p.
    David Huddleston, Known for Playing The Big Lebowski, Dead at 85The character actor died of advanced heart and kidney disease.
  12. box office futures
    Breaking Down the Coens’ Box-Office HistoryWhat do we really expect out of these guys’ movies?
  13. vulture lists
    Every Coen Brothers Movie, Ranked From Worst to BestNearly every Coen Brothers film treads the same themes, but you’d never mistake one for another.
  14. vulture lists
    Every Philip Seymour Hoffman Movie, Ranked From Worst to BestUpon the release of his final movie, Mockingjay Part 2, we delve deep into the filmography of one of the all-time best actors.
  15. beyonce
    Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Moving Into the Mansion From The Big LebowskiThe Bey abides.
  16. ‘The Big Lebowski’, Wittgenstein, and the Garbage Pile That Is Online […]Recently Slate tech writer David Aurbach wrote a fascinating column about how Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language can account for much […]
  17. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: Ephron’s Illness, Buying Star WarsAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  18. remember when?
    15 Thoughts on the Fifteenth Anniversary of The Big LebowskiDon’t try John Goodman’s “I’m calmer than you are” tactic with your mother.
  19. big fans
    Talib Kweli Will Speak at Length About The Big LebowskiAs in, he’ll do an interview exclusively about the film.
  20. south park
    See Iconic Movie Characters Drawn As South Park CharactersBill and Ted reboot, anyone?
  21. casting
    Seth Rogen, Christina Hendricks Into Lebowski Live ReadingJason Reitman has really pulled his live reading together.
  22. The Dude Abides: Watching ‘The Big Lebowski’ Porn ParodyEver since my friend Jeff Rubin and I interviewed porn parody auteur Lee Roy Myers a few weeks back, I’ve been looking forward to reviewing The […]
  23. the big lebowski
    The Big Lebowski Is Coming to Facebook“What do you do for recreation?”
  24. party chat
    The Big Lebowski Cast Tells the Lines They Hear Quoted Back to them Most Often“I get so many of them. I like ‘Don’t be fatuous, Jeffrey.’”
  25. Photos from Lebowski Fest 2011Looking to find your way to Lebowski Fest? Just follow the dudes in the bathrobes. Or the men holding coffee cans. Or the women in the Viking […]
  26. the dude
    The Big Lebowski House Is on the MarketBathe where the Dude bathed.
  27. the dude
    Buy the Dude’s Big Lebowski SweaterIt’s up for auction this weekend!
  28. The Big Lebowski/Tron Mashup of Your Dreams Jeff Bridges was in The Big Lebowski. Jeff Bridges was also in Tron Legacy. That begs the question: what if Bridges’ The Dude was in Tron? Now […]
  29. clickables
    See Jeff Bridges Take a Tour of the Little Lebowski StoreHe also tells cute stories about his daughters.
  30. movies
    Watch ‘Neo Lebowski,’ a Matrix-Dude Mash-Up“Ever wonder what it would be like to explain ‘The Matrix to’ The Dude?”
  31. naughty stuff
    Long-Awaited Porn Parody of The Big Lebowski Finally ArrivesThe Dude is naked.
  32. movies
    Watch The Lost Lebowski: A Mark Pellegrino Head-Dunking Mash-UpWhat does it mean for the island?
  33. agenda
    ‘The Big Lebowski,’ on Ludicrous Tenth Anniversary DVDThe Big Lebowski, out now in a ludicrous tenth-anniversary DVD edition packaged inside a plastic bowling ball.
  34. agenda
    You’ve Heard of This ‘No Country For Old Men,’ Yeah?The first nine-tenths of Joel and Ethan Coen’s No Country for Old Men is the best thing they’ve ever done, with the possible exception of The Big Lebowski as seen for the third time, stoned
  35. vulture lists
    10 Beloved Characters, 10 Ignoble DeathsVulture takes a look at ten other characters whose ignoble deaths made us shake our heads and think, He deserved better.