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  1. extremely online
    Mariah Carey Is Still Obsessed With the #WipeItDown ChallengeShe brought back an old friend.
  2. extremely online
    TikTok Is Buzzzzing With Sweet, Sweet Honeybee DramaErika Thompson of @texasbeeworks addressed “the series of untrue and hurtful attacks” on Instagram.
  3. extremely online
    TikTok Star Sienna Mae Denies Sexually Assaulting Ex Jack Wright (Again)The 17-year-old addresses since-deleted footage in a second statement.
  4. 2021 iheartradio music awards
    The Weeknd, BTS Lead 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards WinnersIncluding a new category, TikTok Bop of the Year.
  5. extremely online
    A Guide to Online-Grooming Allegations (and Why Everyone’s Talking About Them)James Charles, Tony Lopez, and Shane Dawson are just a few of the creators accused.
  6. when i do my dance
    ‘Twerkulator’ by the City Girls Is Finally FreeSummer starts now.
  7. my single is dropping
    And Now, TikTok Star Bella Poarch Steps Into the Pop-Girl RingWatch the music video for her debut single, “Build a Bitch,” now.
  8. extremely online
    Dixie D’Amelio Drops ‘F*CKBOY’ While Lil Huddy Strips Back His F*ckboy AnthemShot, chaser.
  9. crossing the line
    12 Video Creators on Their Hardest Edit EverVic Berger, Mary Neely, Yasmine Sahid, and more on the flubbed shots, rewrites, and tricky cuts behind some of their best videos.
  10. tutting
    ‘I Wanted to Be Musical.ly Famous. I Really Practiced Those Hand Motions.’The app was beloved by lip-syncing teens, bewildering to everyone else — and way more influential than it ever got credit for.
  11. internet studies
    25 Edits That Define the Modern Internet VideoAnd create the vocabulary for an absurd, ingenious art form.
  12. internet studies
    In the Messy Land of Internet Video, the Editor Is KingOnline-video editing announces itself—the seams are the whole point.
  13. extremely online
    Paris Hilton Says She Never Wore a ‘Stop Being Poor’ ShirtThe iconic meme is Photoshopped, you guys.
  14. music videos
    Soulja Boy (and TikTok) Made a ‘She Make It Clap’ Music Video HappenFeaturing the viral dance challenge.
  15. the inside track
    Admit It, ‘SugarCrash!’ Was Already GreatElyOtto has a new remix of his TikTok hit, now featuring Kim Petras and Curtis Waters.
  16. it goes down in the dm
    Lizzo Slides Into Chris Evans’s DMs, Gets More Than a TikTok Out of ItUnlike your drunken messages, he actually replied to hers.
  17. extremely online
    Sun Illuminates Natasha Bedingfield’s Response to TikTok ‘Unwritten’ DanceOpen up the dirty (browser) window.
  18. extremely online
    Fallon Welcomes Actual Creators of Viral TikTok Dances to Tonight ShowFollowing the backlash to Addison Rae’s appearance on the show.
  19. extremely online
    It’s Time to Talk About the ‘Twerkulator’ TikTok DanceAn unreleased City Girls track is going viral, but they can’t get the song cleared.
  20. extremely online
    Addison Rae Does TikTok Dances on Jimmy Fallon, Doesn’t Credit Their CreatorsFeels longer than the Snyder Cut somehow.
  21. last night on late night
    Get ‘Obsessed’ With Addison Rae’s Late-Night DebutOn The Tonight Show.
  22. extremely online
    Bryce Hall Knows You’re ‘Obsessed’ But Really, He Didn’t Cheat on Ex Addison RaeThe TikTok star confirms he and Addison Rae broke up a month ago, but says they still talk “like, everyday.”
  23. extremely online
    Addison Rae Says Her ‘Ex’ Inspired ‘Obsessed’ Amid Bryce Hall Breakup RumorsRae recently unfollowed Hall after rumors that he cheated on her.
  24. hey kitty girl
    Netflix to Celebrate Tiger King Anniversary With TikTok Drag-Queen MusicalHey, all you cool cats and kitty girls!
  25. my debut single is dropping
    Addison Rae Drops Debut Single All About Addison RaeIt’s giving “Jam (Turn It Up)” and we’re not mad at it.
  26. quar goss
    Billie Eilish Snatches Her Own Wig, Confirming Fan SuspicionsBlonde era loading …
  27. extremely online
    Kid Cudi Clarifies He’s Not Mad TikTok Is Goofing Around With ‘Day ’N’ Nite’“As long as the song is still helpin you guys and the lyrics aren’t forgotten, keep doing your thing.”
  28. receipts
    Tekashi 6ix9ine Posts Homophobic Joke, Lil Nas X Responds with the DMs“This you?”
  29. quar goss
    Addison Rae Asks for ‘Privacy’ Amid Bryce Hall Cheating Rumors“When and if I want to share, I will make that decision.”
  30. stan culture
    Taylor Swift Fans Are Not Here for John Mayer’s TikTok Presence“You’re not safe here, John.”
  31. extremely online
    James Charles Denies Accusation of Grooming an Underage FanThe YouTuber responded quickly after accusations on TikTok went viral.
  32. extremely online
    Brandy and Monica Still Don’t Know Who This Boy Belongs ToWatch them duet “The Boy Is Mine” on TikTok
  33. extremely online
    Nothing Is Flattening Music Like TikTok“Drivers License,” the latest song to top the charts after a viral challenge, is telling of the kind of music this app rewards.
  34. my remix is dropping
    Travis Scott Busts Out a Verse on Erica Banks’s ‘Buss It’ RemixYour knees can now go sicko mode on the #BussItChallenge.
  35. extremely online
    SZA Fans, Desperate for New Music, Made an Unreleased Track Go ViralRounding up the best of the “Shirt” TikTok dance by @bgottfanns.
  36. extremely online
    It Is Billy Joel’s Time to Shine on TikTokFrom dance trends to emotional catharsis, the hitmaker is receiving well-deserved recognition on the app.
  37. extremely online
    The #SilhouetteChallenge Is for the Streets and the Sheets“Put your head on my sho—”
  38. extremely online
    Try Not to Bust a Knee to TikTok’s Instant-Viral #BussItChallengeLooking … respectfully.
  39. extremely online
    Kellyanne Conway Accused of Posting Nude Photo of Teen Daughter ClaudiaThe local police have launched an official investigation.
  40. we did it jojo
    What Could JoJo Siwa’s “Born This Way” TikTok Possibly Mean?The 17-year-old rainbow-lover officially came out as gay, confirming fans’ suspicions.
  41. extremely online
    Soon May the Record Deal ComeViral sea-shanty singer Nathan Evans has landed a contract with Universal.
  42. extremely online
    And Now, TikTok’s #JunebugChallenge Comes to Break ArmsMeet the newest viral TikTok dance … but don’t hurt yourself.
  43. yang gang
    Andrew Yang Enters NYC Mayor’s Race With Darren Aronofsky–Directed Campaign VidHis first order of business? Bring TikTok Hype Houses to New York.
  44. extremely online
    It Makes Total Sense We’re All Into Sea Shanties Now“Wellerman” is a great, boisterous bop of a song in any century.
  45. the inside track
    Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘drivers license’ Is Nothing New — of Course It’s a HitThere’s some truth to the Taylor comparisons.
  46. why must we suffer?
    Where Did the Kanye West and Jeffree Star Dating Rumors Come From?Jeffree Star denied the rumors in a vlog, in case you still believed them.
  47. chat room
    Aly & AJ Came to F- -k 2021 UpThe sisters talk about the explicit version of “Potential Breakup Song” that broke the internet, their new album, and Disney.
  48. extremely online
    Charli D’Amelio Tried Very Hard to Hide Her Pandemic VacationFans caught her, of course.
  49. extremely online
    The Rats Hidden Under All Our Hats Helped Ratatouille Musical Raise Over $1MProceeds from the TikTok musical will go to the Actors Fund.
  50. off off broadway
    Ashley Park Got a Sign From the Universe to Do the Ratatouille MusicalThe ghost of Gusteau pulls through yet again.
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