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A Cure For Wellness

  1. behind the scenes
    How A Cure for Wellness Pulled Off Its Creepiest ScenesDirector Gore Verbinski and star Dane DeHaan tell the stories behind the new horror movie’s scariest bits.
  2. fake news fears
    Fox Admits Using Fake News to Promote A Cure for Wellness Was Not a Great Idea“The digital campaign was inappropriate on every level.”
  3. chat room
    Jason Isaacs Explains How to Play a Truly Chilling VillainThe perennial bad guy on A Cure For Wellness and his most frightening role.
  4. marketing gimmicks
    A Cure for Wellness Used Fake-News Websites in Marketing CampaignThe movie partnered with fake-news publishers for a viral campaign.
  5. trailer mix
    A Cure for Wellness Super Bowl Spot Tricks You and Then Scares YouMaybe don’t take the cure.
  6. trailer mix
    See Verbinski’s New A Cure for Wellness TrailerYou just know that Full-Body Eel Treatment ain’t cheap.