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A Steady Rain

  1. a steady rain
    Jackman Versus Craig: Who Is Better?Critics simply cannot decide!
  2. jackman
    Cell-Phone Interruption of Jackman Play Caught on Cell-Phone Video“Can you get that, whoever that is? Can you get it? We can wait, just get the phone.”
  3. chat room
    Hugh Jackman on NPH, Next Year’s Oscars“I gave him enough crap about it for four weeks. Now I’m used to it.”
  4. jackman
    Steady Rain to Make Jackman a MillionaireHe’s making a pretty good $100,000 per week.
  5. this thing looks like that thing
    Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig Can Feel A Steady Rain Coming in the Air TonightThey’ve been waiting for this moment for all their lives. Hold on.
  6. first looks
    Too Hot to HandleBehold, the glorious first publicity image for Broadway’s A Heavy Rain, starring Hugh Jackman and Borat.
  7. broadwaypocalypse
    Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig, Together Again for the First TimeThis fall, Broadway’s gonna get a little bit hunkier.
  8. chest-off
    Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig to Save BroadwayThey’re starring as macho cops, naturally, in a new play this fall.