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Abducted In Plain Sight

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    The Unsettling Parallels Between Leaving Neverland and Abducted in Plain SightIf the HBO documentary is believed, Michael Jackson had a lot in common with Bob Berchtold.
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    Abducted in Plain Sight’s Jan Broberg on Why She Forgave Her Parents“The reality is that my parents were victims too, and this man was just a master manipulator.”
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    Abducted in Plain Sight Director on Why the Brobergs Were in ‘Absolute Denial’Skye Borgman answers lingering questions about her absolute shocker of a true-crime documentary.
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    Abducted in Plain Sight Is a Documentary That Must Be Seen to Be BelievedThink of the wildest story you’ve ever heard, multiply it by 50, and then you’ll have a sense of how nuts this doc is.