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  1. in development
    HBO Working On a ’60s-Set Stonewall DramaFrom Adam Shankman.
  2. chat room
    Rock of Ages Helmer Adam Shankman on Tom Cruise “I was concerned Tom was going to blow out his voice, but he’s like a terrier: He bites into it and there’s no shaking him off.”
  3. casting
    Zac Efron, Jason Bateman Circle This Is Where I Leave YouLeslie Mann and Goldie Hawn are interested, too.
  4. movies
    Adam Shankman Will Direct The NutcrackerSo many Nutcracker movies.
  5. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to Team Up For Vague New Movie, MaybeThis is how your comedy sausage gets made: after Steve Martin made a cameo during Alec Baldwin’s SNL monologue two Saturdays ago, Adam […]
  6. casting
    Catherine Zeta-Jones Joins Rock of AgesAs a brand-new character.
  7. movies
    Here’s That Video of Miley Cyrus Dirty Dancing With Adam ShankmanAre you scandalized?
  8. beef
    Adam Shankman Battles Sam Mendes for Oz JobOn Team Shankman: Joel Madden and some sandwich-maker.
  9. quote machine
    Acting in New Russell Crowe Movie As Dangerous As Being Russell Crowe’s Hotel ClerkPlus: Opie displeased with probable obituary headline.
  10. oscarpocalypse
    Funny People to Present OscarsSacha Baron Cohen! Tina Fey! Steve Carell!
  11. oscarpocalypse
    Which Oscars Will Be Presented During Dance Numbers?“Though Shankman doesn’t want to reveal too much, smart money is on a few awards being presented within a dance routine.”
  12. AMPAS Hopeful That Team Jacob Fans Will Tune Into the Oscar BroadcastLet’s hope he uses the occasion to draw awareness to Restless Leg Syndrome.
  13. oscarpocalypse
    Sacha Baron Cohen Almost Hosted the OscarsThe Academy “swatted it down” because he would’ve been “too big of a wild card.”
  14. oscars
    Oscar nominees told to prep two speechesProducers: save list of names for backstage.
  15. gym rats
    Oscar Producer Won’t Leave GymShankman has been pumping so much iron lately, it’s a wonder he finds the time to do any Oscar-producing.
  16. kudos
    An Oscar Producer Panics: What If Robert Pattinson Isn’t Available on March 7?“Scenario: what if, due to scheduling, pats isn’t avail? Shall we Go Stewart. And lautner? Or no twilighters?”
  17. missed opportunities
    We Came Thisclose to a Steve Martin/Tina Fey–Hosted Oscar Telecast“It wasn’t that she turned us down.”
  18. kudos
    Adam Shankman and Bill Mechanic to Produce the 2010 OscarsThe producers of the 2009 Oscars, Larry Mark and Bill Condon, apparently turned the gig down.
  19. the industry
    Laura Dern Is FockedPlus: Rock of Ages! Mia Hamm! Modern Love!
  20. the industry
    Aziz Ansari to Be a Part of Zach Braff’s Non-Sequitur FantasyPlus: ‘M.A.S.H’ sans cross-dressing, and Josh Schwartz takes to the Internet.
  21. the industry
    Eli Roth Is a ‘Bastard’Plus: Laurence Fishburne is going to have to learn how to use the ‘CSI’ semen lamp.
  22. the industry
    John Waters to Apply Another Blast of ‘Hairspray’Plus: MTV is remaking ‘Rocky Horror’ for no reason whatsoever.
  23. overnights
    ‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Overdosing on ‘Hairspray’Even if Cedric had slapped on tap shoes and hoofed it up à la Savion Glover, he couldn’t have danced himself out of the hole he’d dug over the last few weeks. That elimination was inevitable.
  24. quote machine
    Jack Osbourne: Live Earth Frenemy?“I read somewhere it isn’t beneficial.” —Jack Osbourne, onstage at Live Earth, on why his family doesn’t recycle
  25. the industry
    Alec Baldwin Wants Out of ‘30 Rock,’ America