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    Read an Annotated Excerpt From Adam Sternbergh’s Near EnemyThe New York editor’s new novel is out now. 
  2. What Comes After Matthew McConaughey’s Comeback? The StillbackThe stillback happens when you stop making quirky, offbeat, attention-grabbing choices and start making cautious, predictable, attention-maintaining choices.
  3. Conversation: Adam Sternbergh and Lev Grossman“I think there are moments in the history of a genre at which it sits up and looks at itself and as a result changes forever.”
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    The Vulture Reading Room: Check In Anytime You Like, But You Can Never LeaveAdam Sternbergh and Kate Christensen weigh in on European bodily fluid adventure ‘Wetlands.’
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    Welcome to Wetlands and the Vulture Reading Room’New York’ book critic Sam Anderson has convened a roundtable of literary luminaries to discuss ‘Wetlands,’ a novel that brims over with sex talk and bodily fluids.