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  1. boycotts
    Should the Movie Adam Be Canceled Before Anyone Sees It?Transparent producer Rhys Ernst’s debut film hasn’t hit theaters, yet over 6,000 people have signed petitions against it.
  2. trailer mix
    Adam Trailer: Transparent Producer Gives You a Coming-of-Age MovieRhys Ernst’s feature debut is based on Ariel Schrag’s YA novel.
  3. sundance 2019
    The Cast of Adam Calls It a Story of Queer Friendship Disguised As a Rom-Com“I’m really interested in finding different and fresh ways to talk about identity.”
  4. les miz
    BBC to Adapt Les Misérables for TV Event SeriesAnother day, another Weinstein Co. take on a classic.
  5. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Hulu’s JoshyCo-starring Adam Pally’s amazing hair.
  6. temple grandin
    Hollywood’s Big on AutismIncreased awareness about a disorder is a positive thing, right?
  7. overnights
    ‘The Office’: Mustaches All Around!Last night brought the (presumably temporary) return of Karen Filippelli, who, as far as we’re concerned, is always welcome — mustache or no.