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  1. wildin’ out
    Kathryn Hahn to Play Wild Multiverse Cheryl StrayedNot Little Fires Everywhere. Not Big Little Lies. This is Tiny Beautiful Things.
  2. advice columns
    Carrie Fisher Is Getting an Advice ColumnHer first byline, “advice from the dark side,” appeared this morning.
  3. advice columns
    Alanis Morissette’s New Job? Advice ColumnistShe’ll advise Britain’s upper-middle-class liberals on all manner of life decisions.
  4. the room
    The Room Fan Trolls ‘Ask Amy’ Advice Column — That’s Life!“I did not hit her. I did not.”
  5. advice columns
    Haruki Murakami Is Starting an Advice Column Because You Need ItIt’s a way for the publicity-shy author to connect with his fans.
  6. life advice
    Stephen Colbert’s Advice to Young Girls Is Good Advice for AnyoneHe also gives his definition of love.
  7. tv guidance
    We’re Starting a TV Advice Column — and We Need Your QuestionsWhat lingering TV issues do you need help with?