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  1. notes from abroad
    Shooting a Film in Afghanistan Takes Courage, Creativity, and a Dead GoatThe fascinating tale of how an American directed the Oscar short-listed film Buzkashi Boys, about two boys trying to play a unique sport.
  2. There Are Cool Young Girls Skateboarding in AfghanistanThe cool kids are in Kabul.
  3. Bombing in AfghanistanSometimes the sound of silence is strangling. Sometimes the stares of an unmoved audience are so disconcerting you lose your place, your words, […]
  4. Putting the Laffs in LaffghanistanTo say Afghanistan has had a rough go of it since the late 1970’s, is to guarantee an F on your Intro to International Relations term paper. […]
  5. The Minstry Sends Up The Afghani GovernmentThe New York Times has a fascinating article about Afghanistan’s The Ministry, the mockumentary-style sitcom about the deep corruption of the […]
  6. Afghanistan Getting Its Own Version of The Office What appears to be an unofficial version of The Office is coming to ToloTV in Afghanistan, or at least a show deeply influenced by it. Called […]
  7. remakes
    Afghanistan Gets Its Own Version of The OfficeIt doesn’t look very funny.
  8. music
    U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan Remake Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ VideoAmazing.