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Agatha Christie

  1. who dun it?
    A Few Hauntings Are Taunting the Box OfficeThird time’s the charm for Kenneth Branagh.
  2. movie review
    Kenneth Branagh Needs to Make 10 More of TheseThe creepy, moody Agatha Christie adaptation A Haunting in Venice is far from perfect, but it feels like the work of a man rejuvenated.
  3. rankings
    The Best Whodunnit Twist Tropes, Ranked by Audacity and ArtistryDiehard crime-fiction fans know the genre’s main appeal is less about shocking plot twists and more about pattern recognition.
  4. enough reboots to fill the nile
    Hey, Kenneth Branagh, Leave Miss Marple Alone!Why not go for Tommy and Tuppence instead?
  5. movie review
    Death on the Nile Is a Pleasant, Overbaked TrifleIt’s totally crazy, but it works. Mostly.
  6. i spy
    Disney Did Its Best to Bury Armie Hammer in the Death on the Nile TrailerHow many Armie Hammers do you spy?
  7. trailer mix
    Death on the Nile Trailer: Hercule Poirot Mustache These Stars Some QuestionsArmie Hammer! Gal Gadot! Rose Leslie! Letitia Wright!
  8. vulture lists
    13 Great Ensemble Whodunits to Watch After Knives OutEven more murder plots for you to figure out.
  9. how mysterious
    The Crimes Never End: A Guide to Mystery’s Biggest, Longest-Lasting FranchisesThe Boxcar Children? Hardy Boys? Women’s Murder Club? Still out there solving.
  10. as told tos
    How to Write Hercule Poirot in 2019Author Sophie Hannah on continuing Agatha Christie’s classic series — and why the detective definitely shouldn’t have a Twitter account.
  11. how mysterious
    One Neat Trick to Writing Great Mystery PlotsThe critic and author of the Charles Lenox series advises doing what Michelangelo did, but backward.
  12. streaming
    Amazon Will Have Another Agatha Christie Adaptation SoonReady your fancy detective kits, mystery fans.
  13. true crime podcasts
    This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: Revisiting In the DarkPlus: Shedunnit, Reply All, Faded Out, and more.
  14. tv review
    Ordeal by Innocence Is a Mystery That Feels Too SlickBut it does land a vicious final punch.
  15. now streaming
    New on Amazon Prime: August 2018Binge an Agatha Christie murder mystery.
  16. vulture lists
    Search Party’s 13 Biggest Pop-Culture InfluencesThe major cultural landmarks that shaped Dory and the gang, from Alfred Hitchcock to The Comeback.
  17. Murder on the Orient Express Is a Mild RideKenneth Branagh’s update on the classic story is a good bet for those unfamiliar, but a bit of a snooze otherwise.
  18. trailer mix
    See Kim Cattrall in an Agatha Christie MysteryComing to Acorn TV on January 30.
  19. casting couch
    Depp, Dench Join Murder on the Orient ExpressThis is one very good-looking train.
  20. BBC Signs Deal for 7 New Agatha Christie FilmsStarting with Ordeal by Innocence.
  21. How to Solve an Agatha Christie Murder-Mystery Without Reading to the EndMath beats Miss Marple every time.
  22. suggestions
    5 Ideas for a Modern Hercule Poirot MysteryDeath on the Hyperloop, etc.
  23. resurrections
    There’s a New Hercule Poirot Book Coming in 2014Your little gray cells are so excited.
  24. suggestions
    Forget Whodunnit?: Give Us More Agatha ChristieIt is her time.
  25. in development
    Will Gluck Directing an Agatha Christie Mystery About Agatha ChristieExpect “a female Sherlock Holmes meets Romancing the Stone.”
  26. the industry
    Jennifer Garner Will Play a Sexy Miss MarpleA new reboot for the Agatha Christie character.