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Air Bud

  1. last night on late night
    Watch John Oliver Unravel the Legal Arguments of Air BudHe’s not even that good at basketball.
  2. Strategies for Defending a Basketball-Playing Dog, by Daniel CarrilloI was disgusted. How many more times was this dog going to sink an uncontested jumper before the opposing coach changed his approach? The […]
  3. across the streaming-verse
    What Is Expiring From Netflix on March 1?Dumb and Dumber, Pretty in Pink, and Romy and Michele, among others.
  4. vulture lists
    From Elephants in Overalls to Monkeys in Denim: A Brief History of Movie Animal FashionHonoring great sartorial achievements by movie monkeys, dogs, and seals.
  5. oscars
    The Fighter Co-writer’s Air Bud Credit Still Makes Him WinceNot only is it silly, but he got screwed by the franchise!