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  1. mann up
    Michael Mann’s First Novel, a Sequel to Heat, Is a Work of ObsessionOne that occasionally deploys jet-fighter metaphors in sex scenes.
  2. tributes
    Al Pacino, Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Duvall, and More Mourn James Caan“It’s hard to believe that he won’t be in the world anymore because he was so alive and daring.”
  3. close reads
    The Best Scene in Heat Just Isn’t the Same Without These TwoIf you ever wanted to see what one of the most iconic scenes in film history would look like with, well, two other guys, now’s your chance.
  4. shrekpilled
    Does Al Pacino Have a Shrek Phone Case?Oscar-winning actors are like onions. Onions have layers.
  5. movie review
    House of Gucci Isn’t a Good Movie, But It’s Definitely a Good TimeIt’s shapeless, hammy as hell, and no one in it agrees on what an Italian accent sounds like — but the Lady Gaga–led fashion saga is undeniably fun.
  6. biopics
    House of Gucci Posters Have ArrivedMamma mia.
  7. tv review
    Hunters’ Over-the-Top Holocaust Revenge Fantasy Misses the MarkAmazon’s new Nazi-hunting pastiche goes out on many limbs, but can’t hold its balance on any of them.
  8. hoo-ah!
    Let’s All Watch Al Pacino Kill Some Nazis in the Hunters TrailerAl Pacino. Logan Lerman. Two of the greats, together at last!
  9. movie review
    Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman Is His Most Satisfying Film in DecadesThe director has made his most stylishly daring movie: one that is pointedly sapped of style.
  10. trailer mix
    Al Pacino Is Picking Off Nazis in the Hunters TrailerFrom producer Jordan Peele.
  11. the cinema
    Al Pacino Likes to Star in Bad Films to Make Them ‘Mediocre’“I may be falling into a bad habit now.”
  12. the insider
    20 Years Later, The Insider Is Michael Mann’s Greatest ProphecyFor all its foresightedness, the 1999 movie is also a time capsule, from a period when TV or newspaper reports could actually change things.
  13. casting call
    Say Hello to His Little Blank Verse: Al Pacino Is Finally Playing King LearLet’s descend into madness together.
  14. castings
    James Marsden Joins Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in Mystery RoleHe joins Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Dakota Fanning, Damian Lewis, and more.
  15. castings
    Al Pacino Is Latest Actor to Join Quentin Tarantino’s Manson Family MoviePacino joins the cadre of actors set to populate 1969 Los Angeles, on the eve of the infamous Tate murders.
  16. solo: a star wars story
    Al Pacino, Miles Teller, and Other Almost Han SolosA list of would-be Han Solos, past and present.
  17. Revisiting the Controversy Surrounding Scarface“I told Marty, and Marty said, ‘We’ll go to war with these people.’ And that’s what we did.”
  18. it’s not tv it’s hbo
    Did You Catch Anthony Scaramucci’s Producing Credit for This HBO Film?“I just gave them the dough.”
  19. movie review
    HBO’s Paterno Takes an Unconventional Approach to a Cautionary TaleAs the title character, the usually galvanic Al Pacino barely speaks, a nearly-still center surrounded by smash cuts and TV-talking-head inserts.
  20. Every Al Pacino Performance, RankedWe ranked every Al Pacino performance, from Scarface to Scent of a Woman.
  21. Jessica Chastain on Her Salomé Revival and Negotiating Nudity“I love the human form — male nudity, female nudity, I’m all about it. I had to get to that place where, for me, it was my decision.”
  22. Al Pacino on Young, Middle, and Late Al PacinoAhead of his first major New York retrospective, the actor looks back on his career.
  23. trailer mix
    HBO’s New Paterno Trailer: Al Pacino vs. the TruthThe Penn State football coach is forced to confront what he knew about Jerry Sandusky in the upcoming biopic.
  24. The Trailer for HBO’s Paterno Will Make You Wonder How Much the Coach KnewThe HBO film covers the downfall of the late college-football coach.
  25. casting couch
    Al Pacino Will Play Penn State Coach Joe Paterno in HBO’s Sandusky-Scandal MoviePacino previously played Phil Spector in 2013 and Dr. Jack Kevorkian in 2010 for HBO.
  26. tribeca film festival 2017
    What We Learned From the Tribeca Film Festival’s Epic Godfather ReunionThe whole gang was there. (Even Marlon Brando, in a sense.)
  27. kennedy center honors
    Kevin Spacey Can Do the Perfect Al Pacino Impression, and Now So Can You“Whoa! How did that happen?”
  28. vulture lists
    7 Things to Know About Scorsese’s The IrishmanIt hasn’t entered production yet, but it’s already hotly anticipated.
  29. kennedy center honors
    Here Are Your 2016 Kennedy Center HonoreesAl Pacino, Mavis Staples, and more.
  30. trailer mix
    Misconduct Trailer: Hopkins, Pacino Chew SceneryOh, and Josh Duhamel is in it, too.
  31. theater
    Theater Review: Pacino in Mamet’s China DollHow much sympathy do you have for billionaires? 
  32. movie review
    Al Pacino Is a Man Drowning in Regret in ManglehornThe film might work better if the director dispensed with the formal flourishes.
  33. movie review
    Movie Reviews: The Humbling and MatchFrom Al Pacino as a spent, delusional old Shakespearean and Patrick Stewart as an aging dance professor.
  34. chat room
    Pacino on Joe Paterno, Guardians of the Galaxy“I thought, Gee, it’s a big movie and you saw it on a big screen with sound.
  35. Al Pacino Is a Washed-up Actor in The HumblingWith Greta Gerwig.
  36. Louis C.K. Tried to Get Pacino, Scorsese, and Woody Allen to Guest on […] The NY Times has a Q&A out with Louis C.K. today in advance of his new HBO special Oh My God’s debut next Saturday. In it, C.K. reveals […]
  37. clickables
    Watch a Supercut of Al Pacino’s Many Yells and RoarsSay hello to his big mouth!
  38. tv review
    TV Review: Phil SpectorWriter-director David Mamet’s movie stars Al Pacino as the titular record producer.
  39. trailer mix
    Phil Spector Trailer: Al Pacino As Al Pacino–As–Phil SpectorFeaturing more wigs than a Wiggles concert. 
  40. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Al Pacino Gave Quirky Advice to Jessica ChastainPlus: William H. Macy exposed George Clooney’s trick to acting cool at a bar, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  41. last night on late night
    Funniest Moments of Al Pacino (and Kevin Spacey)Plus: Jennifer Lawrence was drunk, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  42. buddies
    Brian De Palma Directing Al Pacino As Joe PaternoIt’s their third film together.
  43. stage dive
    Theater Review: Glengarry Glen Ross Is Selling Its Stars HardPacino in middle-register Hoo-wah, and John McGinley flashing his canines.
  44. casting couch
    Pacino, Renner, Moore to Star in ImagineA project written and directed by the guy behind Crazy, Stupid, Love.
  45. See Al Pacino in Self-Designed MakeupIt’s like an Italian Brady Bunch!
  46. trailer mix
    Stand Up Guys Trailer: Pacino and Walken Are Grumpy Old Hit MenAnd one of them has to kill the other.
  47. movies
    Al Pacino to Star in Movie About Penn State Scandal He’s attached to play disgraced football coach Joe Paterno. 
  48. theater
    Bobby Cannavale Joins Glengarry Glen Ross RevivalAs Ricky Roma.
  49. theater
    Al Pacino Attached to Glengarry Glen Ross Broadway RevivalBut he wouldn’t play the same role he played in the film version.
  50. as himself
    Watch a Supercut of Celebrities Playing Jerky Versions of ThemselvesFrom now on, we’ll call this “Van Der Beek-ing.”
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