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Albert Hammond Jr.

  1. oral history
    How the Strokes — and the Early-Aughts New York Rock Boom — Went BustThe inside story of the last moment of the last great rock band, told by the people who lived it.
  2. vulture festival 2016
    Here’s the Lineup for This Year’s Vulture Festival!It’s bigger than ever!
  3. vulture lists
    10 Random Things That Helped Albert Hammond Jr. Stop Worrying and Love HimselfForever laughing at farts and feeling like Ahhnold amuses the Strokes guitarist.
  4. soul-baring interviews
    The Strokes Guitarist Reveals Drug Addiction“I used to shoot cocaine, heroin and ketamine … morning, night, 20 times a day.”
  5. quote machine
    Alec Baldwin Explains Why ‘30 Rock’ Deserved Its PeabodyPlus: John McCain liked ‘Indy 4.’
  6. last night’s gig
    Unorthodox Behavior at Private Albert Hammond Jr. ShowAlbert Hammond Jr. started off his private set at Mercury Lounge last night in an intimate fashion.
  7. in the magazine
    RZA, Kim Gordon, and Albert Hammond Jr. Make You a Summer PlaylistWhat jams are rocking RZA’s iTunes these days? And what beats are bumping in Albert Hammond Jr.’s ride?
  8. last night’s gig
    Albert Hammond Jr., Big-Haired Dreamboat