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  1. b7
    Countdown to Beyoncé’s The Renaissance: Act I (Non-Leaked Version)The Beyoncé rapture is upon us.
  2. cover art
    Lil Nas X’s Montero Album Art and Track List Will Convert YouInto a fan, of course …
  3. her smell
    How Her Smell Dug Deep for Its Fake ’90s Album Covers With Elisabeth MossDirector Alex Ross Perry and artist Teddy Blanks explain the references and Easter eggs in the fake album covers they created for the movie.
  4. okurrr
    Cardi B Reveals the Cover of Her Upcoming Debut Album Invasion of PrivacyOh, and it’s out April 6.
  5. shake it off
    Ryan Adams Says He’s Done Covering Full AlbumsAdams claims he’s never, ever getting back to doing that again.
  6. petitions
    Britney Spears Fans Are Not Having Her Glory Album Cover“We Britney fans find that the cover art is not a suitable representation of the music that Britney is putting out.”
  7. obits
    John Berg, Grammy-Winning Art Director, Has DiedThe legendary designer died at 83 on Sunday.
  8. Here Are a Bunch of Fake ‘Arrested Development’ Album CoversThe main thing making the month-and-a-half wait for Arrested Development’s new season easier is that fans on the internet and Netflix itself […]