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  1. trendwatch
    Did The Adventure Zone Invent a New Drink of the Summer?High hopes for red wine + lime hard seltzer.
  2. Do Machines Dream of La Dolce Vita?Do machines dream of La Dolce Vita? That’s what the Campari brand set to find out, with the help of cinema and AI experts.
  3. Every Rom-Com Needs a Good Plot TwistPlot twists are part of the wide world of rom-com tropes.
  4. An Ode to the Meet Cute, One of Our Favorite Rom-Com StaplesIt’s an immediate way to establish a connection between two characters and show why they’ll eventually fall for each other.
  5. vulture investigates
    By Some Sorcery, Metallica Made Whiskey Taste Like How Their New Album SoundsWe tried it for … science.
  6. last night on late night
    Hark! A Wild Jeffrey Appears to Share Ina Garten’s Giant Cocktail“He’s a good sport.”
  7. Inside the Restaurant Serving Authentic Cajun Cooking to Los AngelesIn partnership with Southern Comfort, we followed an L.A. chef reclaiming the essence of his hometown.
  8. Meet the Chef Bringing New Orleans to New YorkMatt Pace brings artistic flair to Creole cuisine with Café Booqoo.
  9. Enjoy This Supercut of All the Drinking Scenes from ‘Parks and Rec’ Slacktory cut together all the scenes from Parks and Recreation in which characters drink and/or are drunk. The video has a surprising lack of […]
  10. supercuts
    Watch a Parks and Recreation Boozing SupercutDrown your sorrows with your favorite cast on TV.
  11. The Complete Guide to Everything: ConcertsTim and Tom are seasoned concert-goers, and this week they share some of their experiences, tips and gripes about going to see some of today’s […]
  12. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Nehru Jackets Might Force Jon Hamm to Quit Mad MenPlus, Martha Stewart gets her holiday turkeys drunk before she kills them with her bare hands, on our regular late-night roundup.
  13. mad men
    A Video Guide to Getting Drunk the Mad Men WayAnd then still more.
  14. science schmience
    R-Rated Movies Increase Underage DrinkingSupposedly.