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  1. Claire Danes Confirms the End of Homeland As You Know ItDanes is moving on, but Showtime may try to keep the show alive.
  2. representation
    Homeland Co-Creator Talks Muslim RepresentationThe showrunner doesn’t want his programs to be “a midwife to these base ideas.”
  3. paleyfest
    Homeland Is Flashing Forward for Season 5To Deutschland!
  4. chat room
    Homeland Showrunner Alex Gansa on Brody’s Fate“He just didn’t want to fight anymore. And that’s the place emotionally that he got to, at the end of the season.”
  5. fresh intel
    Homeland Season 3: Showrunner Alex Gansa on Love and the Brody Problem “There will come a point at which telling that story further is just a case of diminishing returns.”
  6. answering questions
    Homeland Showrunner Alex Gansa Knows That You Have Plausibility IssuesWith the pacemaker thing, and the BlackBerry thing, and the …
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    Homeland Showrunners Sell FBI Show to CBSAnatomy of Violence.
  8. showrunners
    A Day Spent Crashing Episodes With Homeland Showrunner Alex GansaWe tag along while he puts together season two. Secrets and spoilers ahead.
  9. emmys 2012
    Showrunner Survey: Homeland’s Alex GansaWho’d make a great Idol judge?
  10. party chat
    The Homeland Creators Have an Explanation for EverythingAlso: Their offices abut the New Girl writers’. Will their characters’ traits bleed into each others’?
  11. connections
    How to Spot The X-Files in Homeland, Breaking Bad, and American Horror StoryThe truth is out there.
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    Homeland Showrunners Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon on the Season 1 Finale“You weren’t howling?”
  13. The Showrunner Transcript: Homeland’s Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon on Last Night’s Big Reveal and What’s Next for the SeriesMajor spoilers ahead.
  14. The Killing Is ‘a Cautionary Tale,’ Says Homeland ProducerAnd it’s more “psychological” than 24.
  15. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Cuban, Chris BrownPlus: Chis Brown gives his next album a title.