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    Girls’ Alex Karpovsky on Ray and Marnie“There’s a chapter of his life with Marnie that’s still playing out that may or may not work out.”
  2. video premiere
    SNL’s Sasheer Zamata Stars in RAC’s New VideoGirls’ Alex Karpovsky directs the quirky love story.
  3. Check Out the New Tanlines Music Video Starring Alex Karpovsky and Natasha […]Tanlines released a new music video today for “Palace” from their album Highlights, and it’s very very Brooklyn. So Brooklyn that it stars […]
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    The Girls Guys Weigh In on Lena’s Movie FantasyElijah is going to be successful … right?
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    Justin Theroux Would Want His Cell Phone for the RaptureAnd other Rapture-related worries from The Leftovers premiere.
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    Girls’ Alex Karpovsky Smokes a Cigarette a MonthBut he never smokes American Spirits.
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    That Time Alex Karpovsky Drunk-Bought Tickets to Grenada, Not GranadaWhoops.
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    Hannah’s E-Book Editor Is Going to Fight Ray on Girls Season ThreeOr so says John Cameron Mitchell.
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    Alex Karpovsky on Casting Girls’ Muzzled Staten Island Dog“I kept telling them, ‘Just make sure he’s got sad, deep eyes.’”
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    Alex Karpovsky on Rubberneck, Girls, and Pig-Petting“Ray’s having a tough time of it.”
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    What Does the Girls Cast Sing at Karaoke?“Born to Run,” “Who Will Save Your Soul” … “Faithfully”?
  12. Let Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm Teach You About the ‘New Yorker’ iPhone App The New Yorker just launched its iPhone app today, a slick little number that allows you to read David Grann’s reportage on the subway without […]
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    Watch a Weird Video Ad for The New Yorker AppWell, that was weird.
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    Alex Karpovsky Once Snooped Through His Ex’s Texts“If a girl’s acting funny and I love her and she’s still being distant, I might have to do something extreme.”
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    Zosia Mamet on the Golden Rule of ‘Hipsterdom’ Pretending not to “give a sh-t.”
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    Girls’ Alex Karpovsky Calls Shoshanna an ‘Anti-Hipster’And says that’s why Ray likes her.
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    Alex Karpovsky on His Two Tribeca Films, the Coen Brothers, and Girls“It’s pretty groovy that something is already getting meta-meta-meta critical responses to it.”