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Alexander Wang

  1. art candy
    Artist Jordan Eagles’ Work Is Bloody GorgeousJordan Eagles should offer his decorative services to Dexter.
  2. chat room
    Marianne Faithfull on ‘Irina Palm’ and Her Five Lovely DaughtersThe British rock legend on her new movie, her own worst job experiences, and that most dreaded of sex-worker afflictions, “Penis Elbow.”
  3. quote machine
    Anything Diddy Can Do, Snoop Dogg Can Do BetterPlus: Michael McKean and Dane Cook!
  4. the take
    Is ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ Dirty or Sexy Enough? Sternbergh and Nussbaum debate.
  5. beef
    Prince Declares War on Music PiratesRemember how we told you that Prince was going to sue his own fan Websites for copyright infringement? Well, forget all that, because he just found out about file sharing and, man, is he upset!
  6. quote machine
    Johnny Depp’s ‘Sweeney Todd’ Performance in No Way Influenced by Actor’s BollocksPlus quotes from Joss Whedon and Ozzy Osbourne!
  7. the take
    There’s a New J.K. Rowling Book! And No, You Can’t Read It It’s awfully easy to excoriate Rowling for her greedy lawsuit while praising her for her charity auction. Easy, and wrong.
  8. overnights
    ‘The Closer’: Brenda’s Off the WagonLast night’s episode of The Closer delivered not only an engrossing, hard-to-solve case involving the poolside murder of an in-demand Orange County divorce lawyer (police procedural gold!) but also a hefty dose of Brenda Johnson’s Personal Life, resulting in a satisfying double-whammy that will undoubtedly get legions of viewers back in front of the tube next week for the second half of the episode.
  9. quote machine
    Eminem and Snoop Dogg Need Help Making TinkleJemaine Clement is too hot, Mike White loves The Hills, and Kate Walsh’s boobs are out of control.