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  1. chat room
    Alice Cooper’s Advice to Rock Stars: Don’t Talk PoliticsHe also shares his thoughts on fake blood, wimpy bands, and the decision to tour with Johnny Depp.
  2. celebrities are just like us
    Alice Cooper Forgot He Had an Andy Warhol Print Worth Millions in His StorageCooper’s ex-girlfriend bought it for him.
  3. roll clip!
    Jim Carrey Wore His Best Alice Cooper Makeup While Rocking Out With Alice CooperCarrey sang “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and “School’s Out.”
  4. back at it
    Joe Perry Returns to Hollywood Vampires TourWelcome back!
  5. grammys 2016
    Taylor Swift Performing at the GrammysPlease welcome to the stage …
  6. lady gaga
    Watch Alice Cooper Cover ‘Born This Way’Seems less bitchy than Madonna, right?
  7. rock and roll hall of fame
    11 Things We Learned at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame InductionLike, for example, Bruce Springsteen likes the Red Sox!
  8. quote machine
    Anna Paquin Outs Self As Bisexual, User of Mild ProfanityPlus: “Who’s Justin Bieber?”
  9. movies
    The Trailer for Suck: A Rock-and-Roll Vampire ComedyAlice Cooper, Iggy Pop, and Moby co-star.
  10. party chat
    Alice Cooper Knows Exactly What Susan Boyle Should Do NowWhat’s that about “Fat Bottomed Girl”?
  11. quote machine
    Kathy Griffin Charmed by Ben SilvermanPlus: Simon Cowell would’ve spared us “Don’t Pass Me By.”
  12. quote machine
    Pitbull Politely Requests That You Refrain From Throwing Money at His ConcertsPlus: Winona Ryder acts on an empty stomach.
  13. quote machine
    Alice Cooper Simply Can’t Get Enough of Howie MandelPlus: Quotes from James Lipton and Josh Hartnett!
  14. chat room
    Alice Cooper Unafraid of Snakes, Being FabulousAlice Cooper took time away from feeding his Frankenstein and biting the heads off chickens (allegedly!) to talk to Vulture about modeling, snakes, and his makeup advice for Marilyn Manson.
  15. quote machine
    Alice Cooper No Friend of the ElderlyJenna Fischer gets divorced, Danny DeVito gets plastered, etc.
  16. quote machine
    ‘The Simpsons’: Brought to You By Prince’s Chauffeur