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Alyson Hannigan

  1. emmys 2021
    Let’s Just Say a Dr. Phil Cameo Did Not Make This Emmys Skit Better, Per SeIn which Alyson Hannigan thinks she was The Mother.
  2. not so fond farewells
    One How I Met Your Mother Star Thought the Finale Was a Huge Let Down for Fans“It just seemed too quick.”
  3. casting couch
    The First Wives Club Reboot Announces More CastLachey! Hannigan! Hilty!
  4. it’s so hard to say goodbye
    A Mother Funeral Scene Was Cut From the How I Met Your Mother FinaleAlyson Hannigan says it would’ve helped.
  5. true love
    HIMYM’s Lily and Marshall, TV’s Best CoupleOur tribute to the Tami and Coach of the sitcom world.
  6. ‘How I Met Your Mother’: Still Occasionally Funny, Frustrating as Hell I… Well… Huh… So…we didn’t meet the mother last night in “Something New”, so much as we got a look at her cute, possibly too young […]
  7. Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green ReunitedWillow and Oz, together again!
  8. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jason Biggs Signalled to His Lionel Richie–Obsessed Mom in Slow MotionPlus: Alyson Hannigan had to direct Jason Biggs’s penis in American Reunion, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  9. 10 Great Comedy Film Audition TapesWatching an actor or actress’ screen test or audition tape feels very voyeuristic, like you’re seeing something that’s not supposed to be seen. […]
  10. Won’t Somebody Think Of The Children In The Red-Band American Reunion […] Don’t you hate it when you accidentally throw your lubed-up ejaculate sock on your toddler’s head? Doh-oh-oh! America’s obsession with the […]
  11. American Pie Sequel Promises More Filthy Highjinks, Eugene LevyWhy, we haven’t had a good old-fashioned warm pie fucking around these parts in, oh, must be about twelve years now. Luckily Universal […]
  12. vampires
    Alyson Hannigan Thinks Buffy Remake Is Super LameSo does everyone else.