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  1. movie review
    Bodies Bodies Bodies Could Stand to Be MeanerAmandla Stenberg, Pete Davidson, and the rest of the cool-kid cast star in a satirical slasher that’s never as sharp as it should be.
  2. trailer mix
    The Eddy Trailer: Netflix Says Oui to Damien Chazelle’s Jazz ShowEight episodes, all about jazz, coming next month.
  3. movies
    A Short Conversation About What the Hell Is Going on in Where Hands Touch“Neegah music. That’s the scene that made me pause the film and yell into my pillow.”
  4. movies
    Amandla Stenberg Knew Hate U Give a Success Based on All the White People Crying“It’s amazing.”
  5. sexual assault
    Moved by Ford’s Testimony, Amandla Stenberg Pens Essay About Her Sexual Assault“My heart can’t help but feel sore that, once again, it has become a survivor’s responsibility to sacrifice self in the name of public safety.”
  6. trailer mix
    The Darkest Minds Trailer: Amandla Stenberg’s Next Teen UprisingFrom the producers of Stranger Things.
  7. the children are our future
    Amandla Stenberg Talks Black Panther Casting and Space for Darker-Skinned Actors“I recognize 100 percent that there are spaces that I should not take up.”
  8. the industry
    YouTuber Kian Lawley Fired From The Hate U Give Over Clip Featuring Racist Jokes20th Century Fox made the decision to recast Lawley’s role “due to the controversy surrounding his past comments and behaviors.”
  9. 9 Potential Breakout Stars of the Summer Movie SeasonIncluding Harry Styles and Amandla Stenberg.
  10. exclusive
    Watch Amandla Stenberg Discover Porn on VHS in This Clip From As You AreThe 1990s: When porn was still circulated on VHS tapes.
  11. trailer mix
    Amandla Stenberg Stars in the New Everything, Everything TrailerLove in the time of HEPA filters.
  12. casting couch
    Amandla Stenberg Cast in Everything EverythingAchoo.
  13. casting couch
    Amandla Stenberg May Star in Where Hands TouchIt’s a romantic period drama, but not one starring Colin Firth.
  14. casting couch
    Amandla Stenberg to Continue Being a Very Woke Teen in Black Lives Matter MovieAn adaptation of Angela Thomas’s upcoming debut novel.