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  1. profile
    Amber Tamblyn Is Advocating for Women, and HerselfShe’s lactating on late-night TV, teaching feminism to David Cross and Quentin Tarantino, and attacking rape culture in her debut novel.
  2. twitterverse
    Amber Tamblyn Asks Twitter If Anyone Saw Her Almost Get Hit by a CarIf you did, please let her know.
  3. the industry
    Amber Tamblyn Calls Out Rose McGowan for ‘Taunting’ Golden Globes ProtestAfter Rose McGowan suggested the protest was shallow, Tamblyn asked that she not shame or taunt the activism of other women.
  4. vulture festival la 2017
    Amber Tamblyn: There Shouldn’t Be a ‘Sliding Scale’ for Punishing HarassersThe writer and actor spoke at Vulture Festival L.A.
  5. celebrity
    Amber Tamblyn Believes Charlyne Yi’s Account of David Cross’s Racist Joke“I spoke to Charlyne. I believe her. I’m about HER feelings/emotional health right now.”
  6. sexual assault
    Hollywood Reacts to Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual-Harassment Allegations“I give zero fucks about any repercussions for condemning him.”
  7. open letters
    Amber Tamblyn’s Stories About Objectification in Hollywood Are Unsettling“I have been afraid of speaking out or asking things of men in positions of power for years.”
  8. public discourse
    Amber Tamblyn Calls James Woods Part of the Problem in Open Letter About SexismShe hopes he can see their Twitter battle as a teachable moment.
  9. If You Come at Armie Hammer, He Will Call Out Your Creepy Dating HistoryWoods tweeted out a hypocritical complaint about Call Me by Your Name.
  10. art du jour
    The Only Instagram You Need to See Today Comes From Blake LivelyPants and sisterhood for life.
  11. Amber Tamblyn’s 10 Favorite BooksIncluding Amy Poehler and Wanda Coleman.
  12. drinking buddies
    Andy Cohen Politely Sips Amber Tamblyn’s Breast Milk on Watch What Happens Live“It’s very sweet.”
  13. vulture festival 2017
    Vulture Festival 2017 Complete Line-UpThe fourth annual pop-culture festival features its biggest lineup yet.
  14. trailer mix
    Girlfriend’s Day Trailer: Bum Fights and Murder Bob Odenkirk is having a rough time.
  15. amber tamblyn
    Amber Tamblyn is Writing Her First Novel, and We Will Be Blessed by It in 2018It’s about “an amorphous serial rapist.”
  16. roll clip!
    Watch Amber Tamblyn Be Donald Trump on LSBShield your eyes.
  17. sisterhood of the traveling pants
    Blake Lively Supports America Ferrera’s ShowWhich one’s wearing the pants?
  18. dark sparkler
    Amber Tamblyn Explains the Moving Poem She Wrote About Lindsay Lohan“I am giving this back to you to write. This belongs to you.”
  19. Sing Along to Classic Thanksgiving Carols with Scott Aukerman, Reggie […]When it comes to Thanksgiving, the only thing more cherished than turkey are all those classic Thanksgiving carols, and now you can listen to […]
  20. promotions
    Amber Tamblyn Promoted to Regular on Two and a Half MenCongrats?
  21. casting
    Amber Tamblyn Is Two and a Half Men’s New WomanShe’s Charlie’s daughter.
  22. casting couch
    Amber Tamblyn Cast in CBS FBI DramaOpposite Skeet Ulrich.
  23. party chat
    Amber Tamblyn Explains Her Django Unchained CameoIt involves whiskey.
  24. marriage
    David Cross Is a Married ManTo actress Amber Tamblyn.
  25. Odenkirk and Cross Filming a Film this SummerBob Odenkirk will be directing and starring in Girlfriends Day with David Cross, Bryan Cranston, Amber Tamblyn, David Koechner, and Fred […]
  26. the art of trolling
    Amber Tamblyn Trolled Tyrese, Pretending to be Amber RoseShe made a few “Awareness Raps,” and they are great.
  27. Get Excited About Portlandia’s Season 2 Guest StarsPortlandia comes back to IFC for its second season on January 9th, and it sounds like they’re keeping the bar set pretty high, at least in […]
  28. David Cross and Amber Tamblyn Will Marry Each Other’s Stupid Asses David Cross, 47, and Amber Tamblyn, 28, are engaged to be married. Above, a dramatized look at their courtship and what they can expect in the […]
  29. trailer mix
    Main Street Trailer: Drawls for Everyone“Auntie, who did you rent your warehouse to?” What?
  30. house
    Amber Tamblyn Joins House For Temporary Stint’Joan of Arcadia’ star to play a “whip-smart” med student.
  31. the industry
    Diesel Refuels Riddick FranchisePlus: CBS comedy pilot from Borat/Bruno team.
  32. the industry
    Mira Nair and Hilary Swank Take to the AirPlus, this summer’s Public Theater in the Park schedule is announced!