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  1. remember movie theaters?
    Regal Cinemas Issues a Warning to Any Movie Studio Considering a Pivot to VODThe war over theatrical windows continues.
  2. coronavirus side effects
    AMC Theatres and Universal Are Beefing Over Trolls World TourThe biggest cinema company in the world issued an ultimatum after Universal suggested a post-coronavirus shift to VOD.
  3. coronavirus
    All AMC Corporate Employees Have Been FurloughedAbout 600 people will see reduced or no pay during theater closures.
  4. the moviepass wars
    MoviePass to Implement Surge Pricing for Popular Films, So That Was Fun“High demand” rates will arrive in July.
  5. the industry
    AMC Launches $20 Subscription Plan to Rival MoviePassSay hello to AMC Stubs A-List.
  6. the cinema experience
    AMC Comes to Its Senses and Removes Last Jedi Spoiler DisclaimersSpace Dern is appreciative.
  7. election night
    AMC Theatres to Host Election Night PartiesSee Wolf Blitzer on select big screens across America.
  8. box office futures
    Allowing Texting in Movie Theaters Was an Awful Idea, But an Understandable OneJust as theater chains risk losing business to home viewing, they also risk destroying what it is that makes moviegoing distinct from home viewing.
  9. sony hack
    Every Big Theater Chain Just Dropped The InterviewThe Sony hackers had threatened violence against any theater that showed the film.
  10. nice things
    A Consolation Prize for the Furloughed: Movie Popcorn From AMCYou don’t even have to buy a ticket.