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America Decides

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    Is Jeryd Mencken Succession’s Fortinbras?Hamlet might provide a glimpse into how Succession unravels.
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    ‘They’ve Taken a Toy and Broken It’Succession director Andrij Parekh channeled the energy of Adam McKay’s 2016 Election Night party into “America Decides.”
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    Robert De Niro and Al Pacino Hottie Debate Sows Division, HorninessIt’s literally a trade war.
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    Adam Godley’s Eyes Are Very Much Okay After Succession’s Wasabi-LaCroix Incident“I got a call from my agents, ‘Can you get on a plane in a couple of days to shoot an episode of Succession?’ I was like, ‘Yes, I can do that.’”
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    ‘If the Election Doesn’t Feel Legitimate, Everything Else Is at Risk’A chat with Eric Schultz, one of Succession’s politics consultants.
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    Succession Power Rankings: We Didn’t Start the FireThings are looking good for Roman (except for his soul), bad for Tom (except for his arches), and downright bleak for the future of democracy.