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American Horror Story: Cult

  1. trump tv
    What American Horror Story: Cult Got Right—and Very Wrong—About the Trump EraDebuting less than a year after Trump took office, the anthology series’ messy attempt to speak to the moment was both flawed and prescient.
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    Every Member of the American Horror Story Ensemble, RankedWho’s the best actor in Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology?
  3. chat room
    American Horror Story’s Leslie Grossman Knows Exactly What Flavor She Brings“Look, we all can’t be chameleons. I’m well aware of my lane, and I’m happy in my lane as an actor.”
  4. How Ryan Murphy Convinced Billie Lourd to Dye Her Hair For AHS: Cult“I had to retouch it up like every two weeks.”
  5. Charles Manson Is Dead, But Pop Culture Is Keeping Him AliveIn American Horror Story, Search Party, and other projects, Manson is still a frightening cultural force.
  6. American Horror Story: Cult Was a Missed OpportunityIt was a bold idea, but AHS: Cult didn’t tell us anything substantive about the Trump era.
  7. chat room
    Sarah Paulson on AHS: Cult, That Surprise Finale, and Trump’s Election“I certainly didn’t think I was giving a message to the liberals of America.”
  8. overnights
    American Horror Story: Cult Season-Finale Recap: Electoral Collage“Great Again” is less of a fright-fest than it is a fantasy.
  9. close reads
    What Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters Bring to American Horror Story: CultBy embracing over-the-top drama, they saved AHS: Cult from itself.
  10. overnights
    American Horror Story: Cult Recap: The Gays of Our LivesThere’s a lot of great, cutting Trump satire in this episode.
  11. How American Horror Story: Cult Handled a Mass Shooting After Las Vegas“Mid-Western Assassin” collides with reality in disturbing ways.
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    American Horror Story: Cult Recap: Beautiful MeadowAHS has never been more ambitious.
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    An American Horror Story Episode Was Reedited After the Las Vegas Shooting“Someone who was affected might watch that and it could trigger something.”
  14. overnights
    American Horror Story: Cult Recap: Nailed It!This is a gruesome, frightening, and downright unnerving episode.
  15. overnights
    American Horror Story Recap: Fake News“The fear in a small town in Michigan can infect the whole country.”
  16. overnights
    American Horror Story Recap: A-Tisket, A-CasketThe clowns aren’t a figment of Ally’s imagination, but what if everything else is?
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    American Horror Story Recap: The People in Your NeighborhoodThis is a remarkably subtle and sinister story.
  18. Let’s Talk About That Cheetos Scene in American Horror Story: CultEvan Peters does the weirdest Trump impression ever.
  19. overnights
    American Horror Story: Cult Recap: Send in the ClownsWho will be the season’s biggest villain: Killer clowns or Donald Trump?
  20. How American Horror Story: Cult Handled Election Night in Its First 7 MinutesThings got off to a nice, quiet start this season … just kidding!
  21. American Horror Story: Cult Is a Fascinating Take On Our Political MomentI haven’t been this immediately intrigued by a season of American Horror Story since Asylum.
  22. Everything We Know About American Horror Story: Cult So FarThe seventh season of the show involves clowns, bees, and the 2016 U.S. presidential election.
  23. the industry
    Ryan Murphy Confirms Lena Dunham to Play Valerie Solanas Among AHS: Cult Reveals“It’s not about Trump,” creator Ryan Murphy said of the series’s new season. “It’s not about Clinton.”
  24. AHS: Cult Trailer: Sarah Paulson Gets Terrorized by Trump’s Clown-Filled AmericaPaulson and Evan Peters have two dramatically different reactions to Election Night 2016.
  25. credits
    AHS: Cult Credits Hint the Show Will Somehow Be About Both the Election and BeesCult premieres September 5.
  26. trailer mix
    What’s Going on With All of These American Horror Story: Cult Trailers?Clowns with a side of even more clowns.
  27. american horror story: cult
    Sarah Paulson Reveals a Big Detail About Her AHS: Cult CharacterAnd it has a lot to do with Alison Pill.
  28. first looks
    There’s a Clown Lurking Behind Billy Eichner in This AHS: Cult First LookSee Billy Eichner, Billie Lourd, and more in costume.
  29. the industry
    American Horror Story: Cult’s New Promo and Poster Feature a Clown, More BeesDefinitely don’t look and watch if you’re afraid of clowns or bees.
  30. trailer mix
    AHS: Cult Trailer: Ryan Murphy Brings You Political Commentary Via … Clowns?Season seven premieres September 5.