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American Pie

  1. milf island
    Jennifer Coolidge Credits American Pie for Hooking Up With ‘Like 200 People’The original MILF.
  2. franchises
    When Vulture Revisited the American Pie FranchiseWe’ve got heavy-duty coverage of all the sequels, even the direct-to-video ones.
  3. mental masturbation
    Jason Biggs Waxes Poetic About His Pie-F*cking Legacy“I’m not just known as the Pie Guy — I’m also known as Pie F-cker, the Guy Who F-cked the Pie, and Adam Sandler. So there.”
  4. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Seann William Scott Considered a Butt Double for American ReunionPlus: Neil Patrick Harris commented on Conan’s “James Dean-y” cameo on How I Met Your Mother, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  5. Investigation: What the Heck Has Jim’s Dad from American Pie Been Up to?To many, Eugene Levy is Jim’s Dad, and Jim’s Dad only. Not a cast member of the brilliant SCTV or as a mainstay in Christopher Guest’s […]
  6. Well, I Know What Nightmare I’ll Be Having Tonight Voila! It’s been 13 years, but that apple pie finally enacted its disgusting, horrifying revenge on Jason Biggs. Thank you, American Reunion […]
  7. fourquels
    Shannon Elizabeth Joins American ReunionThe gang’s all returning for the fourth installment.
  8. anatomy of a franchise
    Two Writers Watch All Seven American Pies for a Case Study in SequelitisSure, they’re straight to video, but do they have the same problems at heart that this summer’s big-budget sequels will?
  9. American Pie Sequel Promises More Filthy Highjinks, Eugene LevyWhy, we haven’t had a good old-fashioned warm pie fucking around these parts in, oh, must be about twelve years now. Luckily Universal […]
  10. party lines
    Grammer Talks Drag at La Cage aux Folles“There’s a bunch of pie slices just kind of, like, dancing around the stage, and then there’s also a bunch of dancing penises.”
  11. karma
    Gibraltar Ape Beats the Crap Out of Jason BiggsWhere’s Stifler when you need him?
  12. great men
    How Many Films Have Been Made About Your Life? Chris Bender Has ThreeHe’s even more popular than Wyatt Earp!
  13. vampires
    Director Chris Weitz to Spice Up Twilight Franchise With Vampire-Pie Romance?Is Summit Entertainment replacing Catherine Hardwicke with some dude?