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  1. taking another look at you
    Lady Gaga Invited to Join the Academy, Will Surely Save the Oscars From Now OnCongrats!
  2. the oscars
    Justice Department Says Banning Netflix From the Oscars Could Be Against the LawTurns out banning Netflix films from Oscar contention might violate antitrust laws.
  3. about time
    Academy Shamed Into Allowing All 5 Original Song Nominees to Perform at OscarsWell, well, well!
  4. hollywood signs
    Can The Academy Really Diversify the Oscars?If the nomination roster next spring, or in 2019, or 2021, looks enough like America not to generate an OscarsSoAnything protest, that will be a victory.
  5. kudos
    Bono, Adam Sandler, and Guy From Saw to Pick Oscar Winners NowThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences extended invitations today to 135 top actors, filmmakers, and studio execs. Plus Bono and Tobin Bell.
  6. oscarpocalypse
    5 Reasons a January Oscars Is a Good IdeaMore drinking at the Golden Globes!
  7. keep pulling the sweater
    Derek Zoolander Probably No Fan of New Oscar Set“It needs to be at least three times bigger!”
  8. Drag Me to Hell for Best Picture?So why not vote for ‘Drag Me To Hell’?
  9. kudos
    Oscar’s New Voting Rules: Who Do They Help?Is this Pixar’s year?
  10. plan b
    Tom Hanks Turned Down AMPAS-Prez GigNikki Finke reports that Tom Hanks was the board of governors’ top choice to replace the departing Sid Ganis as president.
  11. the academy
    Jackman, Others Join the AcademyAmong the famous people invited to join as voting members are stars who either hosted, won awards, or helped out at last year’s Oscar ceremony.
  12. kudos
    Oscar Producers Dis Old People and Musicians in Attempt to Stoke Show’s RatingsMore changes are in store for the Oscars next year.
  13. kudos
    Did Barbra Streisand and Meryl Streep Dis Baz Luhrman at the Oscars?Possibly!
  14. kudos
    Ellen Page Coldly Denied Admission Into Hip New AMPASThe Academy apparently instituted a new, stricter admissions policy way back in 2004 with the intent of making the membership younger, hipper, and more culturally diverse.