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Ana De Armas

  1. the law
    The Yesterday Lawsuit Was Not Here to StayIt’s another tough break for de Armas stans.
  2. coming soon?
    Lionsgate Adds The Crow Reboot in Release Schedule, Delays Ballerina Until 2025Ballerina will wait in the wings until 2025.
  3. why she had to go i dont know
    Ana de Armas Fans Weren’t Conned Into Watching Yesterday, Judge RulesStreaming the film was a “self-inflicted injury,” per the court.
  4. marvel-ous
    Ghosted Is a Little Bit of an MCU MeetupChris Evans has familiar company in these cameos.
  5. snl
    Lisa From Temecula Returns on SNLShe’s not the hero we deserve, but the one we need.
  6. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Ana de Armas Heats Up SNLFollowing a string of stellar episodes, SNL can’t quite get into high gear for Ana de Armas.
  7. snl
    Ana de Armas Goes Bilingual in SNL MonologueHer debut on the show.
  8. schweaty hosts
    Molly Shannon and Ana de Armas Will Be Superstar SNL HostsWith musical hosts the JoBros and Karol G, respectively.
  9. it’s giving creepy
    Chris Evans Follows Ana de Armas to London After One DateBecause he got Ghosted.
  10. awards season
    Joyce Carol Oates Sure Tweets About The Fabelmans a LotFor reasons surely unrelated to awards season, the Blonde author has become Twitter’s staunchest critic of Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated movie.
  11. awards szn
    The Stars Are Returning to the Golden GlobesJennifer Coolidge, Jenna Ortega, Ana de Armas, and more are set to present.
  12. ana de armas update
    Ana de Armas Stans Win a Truth-in-Advertising Ruling Against UniversalTheir lawsuit now proceeds into discovery.
  13. a work of contradictions
    Marilyn Monroe’s Truth Was in Her PoetryAlong with her fears and perfectionism, Monroe’s poetry reveals a hard-won resilience and self-actualization — all left off the screen in Blonde.
  14. ask an expert
    Ask a Psychic Medium: Is Marilyn Monroe’s Spirit Still Among Us?“I just don’t see American culture ever letting her go.”
  15. close read
    The Hollow Impersonation in BlondeIn life, Marilyn Monroe was a complex artist and human being. In the hands of Ana de Armas, she’s an eternal victim.
  16. fact vs fiction
    What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in Blonde?Was Marilyn really paid less than Jane Russell for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Did she hate working on Some Like It Hot? What about those affairs?
  17. movie review
    Blonde Wants to Hurt YouAt times, Andrew Dominik’s movie, starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe, feels like a slaughterhouse seen from the animal’s point of view.
  18. paranormal activity
    It Really Sounds Like Ana de Armas Was Haunted by Marilyn MonroeHere’s every I-see-dead-people story she has told about Blonde.
  19. biennale cinema 2022
    About That Blowjob Scene in BlondeThe Blonde cast and crew seem surprised at the film’s NC-17 rating. It’s pretty clear to anyone who has seen it that this scene is the reason why.
  20. let her rest
    Marilyn Monroe Haunted the Blonde Set Because We Keep Disturbing Her Peace“I truly believe that she was very close to us,” Ana de Armas proclaimed.
  21. herstory
    Ana de Armas Updates Met Ana de ArmasOkay, but did she unblock them?
  22. marilyn monroe
    The Marilyn Monroe Estate Supports Ana de Armas’s CastingAmid criticism over her accent in the trailer for Blonde.
  23. coming soon
    Blonde Trailer: Fade in on a Girl …Let Ana de Armas be your star!
  24. movie review
    The Gray Man Is the Most Expensive Movie Netflix Has Ever Made, and It’s … FineRyan Gosling and Chris Evans star in an action extravaganza that feels made to be watched in the background while you’re on your phone.
  25. this much i know to be true
    Lessons From Filming Nick Cave’s Journey Through Grief“The constant concern was just, is it grief porn? Is it exploitative? Where’s the line?”
  26. coming soon
    Imagine Ana de Armas Starring in Citizen Kane and Raging BullHer upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic is a mix of the two movies, according to director Andrew Dominik.
  27. endings
    Why Does Melinda Burn the ID at the End of Deep Water?The differences between Adrian Lyne’s erotic thriller and Patricia Highsmith’s source novel pivot the ending from spousal murder to kinky collusion.
  28. what might have been
    Let’s Imagine the Deep Water Press Tour That Never WasWhat might have happened if Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas had set aside their awkwardness and jumped headfirst into a Deep Water promo tour?
  29. the snail trail
    What’s Up With the Snails in Deep Water?The snails aren’t for eating, but they are a hallmark of Patricia Highsmith’s psychological horror.
  30. movie review
    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Torment Each Other, Sexily, in Deep WaterSee, this is why communication is key to an open relationship.
  31. trailer mix
    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Breathe Into Each Other’s Mouths in Deep Water(Finally) streaming on Hulu March 18.
  32. the de armas cut
    Ana de Armas Was Edited Out of Yesterday, So Fans Are SuingBefore you ask, this was not the work of the Ana de Armas Updates stan account.
  33. co-star swap
    Ghosted Casts Ana de Armas as Scarlett Johansson’s ReplacementShe’ll star alongside Chris Evans in the upcoming romantic action adventure film.
  34. chasing ben
    Ben Affleck Plays HimselfBecoming a tabloid star gave the actor his best role ever.
  35. last night on late night
    Ana de Armas Tells Jimmy Fallon That Jar Jar Binks Is a MurdererShe also said the Star Wars character looks like a shrimp.
  36. quar goss
    Casey Affleck Says He Had Nothing to Do With the Ana de Armas Cutout“No, that’s not me, and I can’t even really say if they have totally broken up for good or whatever.”
  37. benana split
    Please Let Us Know If You Rescued Ben’s Ana de Armas Cutout From the TrashWe will pay any price.
  38. benana split
    Send Ben Affleck Some Dunkin’ Because Ana de Armas Reportedly de Dumped HimOur thoughts and prayers are with Ana de Armas Updates at this time.
  39. celebrity
    The Quarantined Stardom of Ana de ArmasIn the absence of everything that makes a star, Ana de Armas has still managed to become one — just not quite how she’d pictured it.
  40. alternate timelines
    The Year of Movies That Never WasWhat would Hollywood have looked like in 2020 if a pandemic never happened? We were almost too afraid to ask.
  41. stan twitter
    Armas Updates Is Back in Action After DeactivatingTweets are finally loading.
  42. vulture investigates
    Does Dunkin’ Donuts Really Keep Ben Affleck’s Coffee Order on File?An investigation.
  43. art du jour
    Ana de Armas Wages War Against Paparazzi, One Cardboard Cutout At a TimeStrike that pose.
  44. bless his heart
    Finally, Some Joy: Someone Found Ben Affleck’s Secret InstagramHis private account’s username is “positiveattitudehunting.”
  45. quar amor
    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Continue to Be That CoupleWho invited them to the new Residente music video?
  46. conscious coupling
    Quarantine Is the New Cuffing Season for CelebritiesLove is in the musty, stale, indoor air.
  47. trailer mix
    The Knives Out Trailer Has a Lot of Pretty People Who Might Be MurderersRian Johnson has made a sassy whodunnit.
  48. dramatic returns
    Adrian Lyne to Make Directorial Return With Deep WaterIt’s the director’s first movie since 2002’s Unfaithful.
  49. Do Androids Dream of Colossal Women?On Blade Runner 2049, and why we keep imagining a future where our cities play host to gigantic, nude, nameless women.