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  1. heart don’t fail me now!
    Disney+ Deplatforms Russian Princess AnastasiaIt’s about preexisting licensing agreements, not war.
  2. broadway closings
    Broadway’s Anastasia Will Close Once Upon a March 31The movie adaptation started performances in March 2017.
  3. the industry
    This is Not a Drill: Anastasia Is Technically Now a Disney PrincessIt’s what she deserves!
  4. animated loves
    When Did You Realize You Had a Crush on John Cusack’s Voice in Anastasia?Only John Cusack can play a cartoon heartthrob.
  5. theater review
    Theater Review: Anastasia, Staged in VainThe grand duchess takes another hit.
  6. exclusive
    Get to Know the Cast of Broadway’s Movie-Inspired AnastasiaYes, Dmitry will have floppy hair.
  7. broadway
    Watch the Cast of Broadway’s Anastasia Perform New Songs From the MusicalThe 1997 animated film is getting a grown-up theatrical update.
  8. roll clip!
    Broadway’s Anastasia Sings ‘Journey to the Past’Journey back into your past by blaring this tune anew.
  9. anastasia
    Anastasia Musical Is Coming to BroadwayIt’s slated to open April 24, 2017.
  10. bring back bartok the bat
    McG Producing Anastasia Series for FreeformYour high-school history teacher probably doesn’t approve.
  11. broadway
    Anastasia Is Now in Rehearsals on Broadway Leading lady Kelli Barrett was previously seen in Baby, It’s You!
  12. on broadway
    Anastasia Headed to Broadway With Angela Lansbury The production will be based on the 1997 animated film.