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Anatomy Of A Scene

  1. anatomy of a scene
    How Ben Stiller Made Escape at Dannemora’s Heart-Pounding Prison BreakYes, Paul Dano really did squeeze into that claustrophobia-inducing pipe.
  2. anatomy of a scene
    The Story Behind Crazy Rich Asians’ Mahjong ShowdownGuess who won?
  3. anatomy of a scene
    Why Claws Filmed a Brady Bunch–Inspired Abortion Scene“Part of telling a female-empowerment story is telling all the voices,” says showrunner Janine Sherman Barrois.
  4. close reads
    The Blistering Vulnerability of The Americans Finale’s Best SceneThe parking-garage scene is a master class in acting and filmmaking.
  5. anatomy of a scene
    How That Grisly Scene on The Americans Was FilmedIt rivals the show’s famous suitcase scene.
  6. anatomy of a scene
    Paolo Sorrentino Explains The Young Pope’s Opening CreditsThose paintings!
  7. anatomy of a scene
    Westworld’s Black Male Nudity, AnalyzedThis is a black body as object, made into something both safe and laughable because it’s the object of a white woman’s lust.
  8. anatomy of a scene
    Finding Prince Charming Has Awkward KissWell, this is what you came for.
  9. anatomy of a scene
    How Sam Esmail Directs the Cast of Mr. Robot“Somebody asked me what it’s like to work with [Sam Esmail] and I said, ‘It’s fucking depressing.’”
  10. anatomy of a scene
    How That Remarkable Single-Take Fight Scene on Daredevil Came TogetherYes, it was “absolutely” a single take.