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  1. the church of animation
    Andrew Stanton Remembers When ‘Nobody Wanted to Make’ Wall-EThe director revisits the making of his Pixar classic, which has joined the Criterion Collection.
  2. vulture movie club
    The Time Has Come to Appreciate John Carter As the Goofy Throwback Epic It IsThe colossal bomb that lost Disney $200 million now seems far from the creative disaster it was dismissed as back in 2012.
  3. pixar
    Andrew Stanton to Direct Finding Nemo SequelIn return, the John Carter helmer hopes to make another live-action movie.
  4. teaser tragedy
    The Inside Story of How John Carter Was Doomed by Its First TrailerAnd how director Andrew Stanton had only himself to blame.
  5. box office zilch
    John Carter Box Office Verdict: Not So GoodConsolation prize: It was Russia’s biggest-ever opener.
  6. chat room
    Director Andrew Stanton on His Sci-Fi Fantasy Epic John Carter and Why He’s Hoping for a Trilogy“It’s really like we’ve made the pilot to a season we’re hoping to get.”
  7. John Carter Director Insists He Stayed on BudgetTHR claims movie cost $300 million, up from $175 million.
  8. movies
    How Much Does John Carter Need to Make to Get a Sequel?Way, way more than you’d think.
  9. tweets
    Wall-E Director Mad Men-izes SelfWe’re as sick of ‘Mad Men’ Twitter avatars as anybody, but it’s still pretty great that Andrew Stanton made one.
  10. the industry
    Taylor Kitsch Books Flight to MarsPlus: Roy Rogers rides again.
  11. wall-e
    Wall-E Director Collects LAFCA Prize, Blasts HatersAndrew Stanton: ‘We’ve been trying since ‘Toy Story’ to just make a film, and not have the word animated suddenly stick it in a different box.’
  12. news reel
    Director Andrew Stanton Talks Wall-E’s Oscar ChancesStanton dispels the old myth about actors hating animation.
  13. kudos
    Directors Guild Snubs Andrew Stanton’Wall-E’ helmer Andrew Stanton has been inexplicably ruled ineligible for a DGA Award on the count that his movie is animated.
  14. kudos
    The Dark Knight Scores Utah VictoryWho says ‘The Dark Knight’ is an Oscar long shot?
  15. quote machine
    Tom Cruise Already Plotting His Next Golden Globe NominationPlus: 50 Cent pretty sure he can beat you at video games.
  16. quote machine
    Stevie Wonder Didn’t Know So Many People Were Licking and SuckingPlus: Fred Willard on his dreams, and Grant Show gets mistaken for a porn star.
  17. kudos
    Confirmed: The ‘Wall-E’ Oscar Campaign Is On!But what do the all-important ‘bigwig Hollywood marketers’ think?
  18. news reel
    Pixar on ‘Wall-E’: Environmental Themes? What Environmental Themes?Andrew Stanton pooh-poohs any notion of environmentalism in his environmental catastrophe romance.