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  1. How Lewis Black’s Righteous Anger Has Gotten Us Through Two Decades of […]It may be hard to believe, but Lewis Black has been blessing us with his gloriously angry rants for over 20 years now. Before Jon Stewart took […]
  2. gilmore girls
    In Praise of Paris Geller and Her AngerWith Paris, Gilmore Girls insisted that ambitious women are compelling in their very ambition.
  3. It is Now My Turn to Yell About the Bad Thing That Happened, by Brad Austin First of all, yikes. The bad thing that happened was very, very bad. That’s a no-brainer. Was there a silver lining to it even? I don’t see […]
  4. anger
    Roundup of Angry Reactions to the Downton FinalePeople were pissed.
  5. clickables
    Enjoy a Tumblr Dedicated to Arcade Fire–Related Grammy OutrageSo much post-Grammys e-hate today.