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Animal Abuse

  1. paw patrol
    Jena Malone Hits a Reverse-Paw Patrol, Performs Citizen’s Arrest to Rescue a DogEither the reporter didn’t recognize her or they’re being, y’know, super chill about it.
  2. the industry
    Dennis Quaid Calls A Dog’s Purpose Abuse Allegations a ‘Scam’“First of all, it’s been edited and manipulated.”
  3. uh-oh
    Footage From Dog’s Purpose Shows Petrified PupOn-set footage shows a handler forcing a scared German shepherd to film a water scene.
  4. PETA Levels Animal-Abuse Allegations at Hollywood Animal Training FirmPETA has accused Birds & Animals Unlimited of several violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act.
  5. horrible things
    Life of Pi Animal Trainer Denies Beating TigerAfter PETA released video of the alleged abuse.