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Animal Planet

  1. Anthony Anderson to Host an Animal Variety ShowFinally, something your cat will actually enjoy watching when you’re not home.
  2. whales
    Animal Planet Going After Its White WhaleWith a movie called Revenge of the Whale.
  3. dreams come true
    Sloth Show Finally Coming to TelevisionMeet the Sloths. Rejoice!
  4. move over vampires
    For Your Consideration: Mermaids Are the New VampiresIt’s summer! It’s time.
  5. puns
    There’s a Show Called Eel of Fortune!About … eels. But still!
  6. tv
    Heidi Fleiss: Prostitutes to Parrots Is an Actual ThingOn Animal Planet, naturally.
  7. upfronts
    Gypsies, Dance, and Sleeves: A Roundup of Some New Reality Shows Coming Next SeasonWeddings, tattoos, fishing — you know the drill.
  8. wildlife
    We Now Live in a World With Two Taxidermy Reality ShowsThanks, Animal Planet!
  9. pigeons
    Mike Tyson to Race Pigeons on TVThe champ’s getting an Animal Planet reality show.
  10. puppies!!!!!!
    Meet Your Puppy Bowl Ref“Gracing the sidelines for the first time ever are bunny rabbit cheerleaders, and flying high above the stadium are hamsters flying a miniature blimp.”
  11. tv
    OMG, Look at the Puppy Bowl’s Starting LineupPuppies!
  12. tv
    Play the Goofy Animal Planet Kids Game That Is, We’ve Learned, Also Fun for Adults