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  1. film school
    Let’s Listen to Lars von Trier’s New DVD Commentary on the Grossest Parts of AntichristWhat does a director say while watching his own genital mutilation scene?
  2. chaos reigns
    Criterion Collection Does AntichristWhat could the Criterion Collection possibly be trying to tell us with this image?
  3. news reel
    Willem Dafoe Getting a Little Sick Of Your Antichrist Penis Jokes“If people want to make that the thing they want to talk about, it’s distressing, but that’s their business.”
  4. antichrist
    A Squeamish Person’s Guide to Seeing Antichrist in the TheaterWhen should you hit the bathroom to avoid all the genital-mutilation stuff? See our illustrated guide!
  5. chat room
    Antichrist Director Lars von Trier Reviews His Reviews“What this person is saying makes perfect sense to me. But I don’t think showing contempt in a film is a bad thing.”
  6. chaos reigns
    New Antichrist Catchphrase Will Drink Your MilkshakeFinally, a catchphrase we can get behind!
  7. the projectionist
    Edelstein on Antichrist“It turns out what they say about Willem Dafoe is true: The man has a schlong the size of an oil tanker.”
  8. antichrist
    That’ll Do, Antichrist Trailer, That’ll DoWe’ve seen enough.
  9. leak of the week
    Nuts! Antichrist Screener LeaksHeads (and genitals) will roll!
  10. antichrist
    British Antichrist Poster Is Ballsy, Ironically Enough“Contains strong real sex, bloody violence, and self-mutilation!”
  11. nyff
    New York Film Festival Lineup Revealed: White Ribbon, Wizard of Oz, Willem Dafoe’s GenitalsSee the full lineup!
  12. wangs
    Willem Dafoe Didn’t Put His Own Genitals on the Line in AntichristStunt wangs were employed.
  13. great ideas
    Finally, Antichrist to Become a Video GameNot for Wii, sadly.
  14. quote machine
    Star of Antichrist Not Sure What the Hell It’s About, EitherAlso: Sam Raimi learns an important lesson.
  15. antichrist
    Antichrist Coming to a Theater Near YouIFC Films has bravely paid money for the American distribution, and they promise the version screened here will be the same one seen at Cannes on Sunday.
  16. cannes
    Cannes: Lars von Trier Vigorously Defends Antichrist’s Genital Mutilation“It’s the hand of God. And I am the best film director in the world. I’m not sure if God is the best God in the world.”
  17. trailer mix
    Trailer for Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist Neither Von Trier–y, Nor Antichrist-y EnoughShouldn’t the trailer for a Von Trier film called ‘Antichrist’ be way creepier than one for a standard-issue cabin-in-the-woods-style horror movie?
  18. the industry
    George Clooney to Continue Dazzling You With Politically Charged Movies, Good LooksPlus: Lars von Trier introduces Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg to the ‘Antichrist.’